Friday, November 19, 2010

A Game

I don't love games, but this one I couldn't resist. Can you tell which one is Lily and which one is Gemma? Two of these photos were taken today on Gemma's 8 week birthday and two were taken on Lily's 8 week birthday! Same outfit, same crib, same sheets even!

Well, maybe it wasn't that difficult. They do look like sisters though!
Oh, and the cutest outfit and sweater are from my friend Jill. Her son Jake is betrothed to Lily and I am a little bitter she hasn't had another boy yet for Gemma to marry. Check Jake out, he is super handsome! They are going to be so happy together! This lavender sweater is a favorite and we are going to be so sad when Gemma out grows it. It does hang on the nursery wall though so we see it every day. Do you think I can convince you Jill to make a little red one to go with Gemma's Christmas dress? Nothing like advanced notice right? Just a thought.

Oh and photo 1 &4 are Lily.


  1. You are so funny! I'm soooo glad you are still getting use out of the sweater! I will have to start knitting right away! I've been preoccupied with unpacking I haven't knit anything lately. And I to look forward to the day that Jake and Lily will be married. Sorry on not having a sibling for Gemma. Don't think I have it in me!

  2. wahoo! i got it right!! maybe a lucky guess, they are definitely sisters!!!