Monday, November 1, 2010


We celebrated Halloween all week long. I think Lily wishes it could come once a month! Besides playing in her costume all week, the real festivities began on Friday evening. We headed over to the church where I attend a moms group for their Fall Festival. It was a BLAST! Grandma stayed the week with us to play with her grandbabies and enjoy the fall fun. We walked over to the church a block away. Well, Lily ran the whole way. So much for the slow turtle!

They had all sorts of games to play and get candy. This was fishing for candy in a kiddie pool filled with packing popcorn.
The biggest hit was the bouncy house. It was filled with bigger kids but Lily was not afraid. She kept saying jump jump jump, even though she wasn't even able to stand up with all the motion. She got tons of treats and really got the hang of grabbing for the candy.On Halloween morning we carved our pumpkins. This was only the second time Alex carved pumpkins and I think he even forgot the first time a few years ago. Lily would not touch the pumpkins insides or help carve. She did like the look of them once they were finished.
We toasted the seeds! Again, doesn't like the yucky feel on her hands.
She is happy to pose with the finished product though.
Baby Gemma was a good sport in her rabbit ears! She was the hare to Lily the tortoise! Poor thing has a wicked case of newborn rash! It started on her forehead and nose and just as that started to clear she broke out on her cheeks and chest!

In the afternoon, after a nap, we went to a local neighborhood shopping center to do some trick or treating. It was a bit overwhelming for Lily and she wasn't sure what to do. There were so many people it was body to body. They gave out granola bars and fruit leather and other "healthier" treats. None of which Lily will eat. She is a particular little girl. She wouldn't eat the fruit snacks, or licorice either. Pretty much M&M's is all she is interested in.
Sweet bunny didn't get any treats, no tricks either. She has a serious love of her cozy car seat with the furry cover in it. She sleeps the longest in this little nest. I would too though, it is so soft and warm.
After a chance to catch our breath and fill her with some Grandma England recipe soup Lily was ready to hit the neighborhood. Our street has never been very good for trick or treating. I don't think we have enough kids in the neighborhood. We decided to try a neighborhood about two blocks over. It was a hit!!We went for about an hour and she kept saying more, more, more after every house. We had to sort of trick her into coming home because she was having too much fun to stop! The houses were all well decorated with pumpkin candles, spider webs, and ghosts. She loved everything about it, especially the full size M&M's she scored at one house!
I certainly don't mind the peanut butter cups she scored either! Too bad we have to wait a whole year to do this again!!!

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  1. So fun!!! Way to score big time Lily with the M&Ms and fun times! And I'm glad to see Miss Gemma got to celebrate her first halloween in high style too!