Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet Gemma Grace

Today you are one month, one week, and one day old!!! Poor Gemma Grace, she must have second child syndrome without even knowing it yet. By this point in her life Lily probably had a million photos and blog posts about every burp and poop. Being the second one to a very active older sister you don't always get the spotlight! It doesn't mean we love you even one hair less, little Gemma. So this post is all about you!!
What's not lo love? You did get the fancy professional photo shoot so you are not all that neglected.
She is growing so fast but still seems so small. She has just outgrown her newborn size clothes at about 5 weeks of age. We had a troublesome bout of eye infection due to a blocked tear duct. See you are like your sister in some ways. So after about three trips to the doctor in two weeks and two different prescription eye drops it is all cleared up. You also have a seriously active tummy and require bottles of gas drops to aid your aching belly.
You are getting the hang of sleeping and are doing well sleeping at night with a few brief feedings. You go right back to sleep after we refill your tanks. We did finally discover the trick though. You must have a bit of reflux and cannot sleep very well laying flat so after we decided to put you in your bouncy seat to sleep in your room you are doing much better. Sleeping 3-4 hour stretches at night. We are all happy about that.
You do have your "awake and noisy" phase of each day right around dinner and evening time. Of course just as your sister goes to bed and we are hoping for a little relaxation before bed! You know how to be heard and get your attention then! Good thing there are two of us to take turns rocking you and bouncing you.
You did break out in a most horrible case of newborn rash a few weeks ago. It started on your forehead and nose, then as that started to clear you now broke out on your cheeks and neck. Oh good thing a mother's love does not see the rash because it is a pretty severe case. Hopefully in another week or two it will be gone and shortly there forgotten.
Your sister thinks you are,"so cuuute" and holds her little cupped hands near your face to pretend to squeeze you. She rubs your hair and pretends to wash you. She loves to say your name Gemmooooo and Sisty and make sure you are always with us. She also conveniently wants to be held whenever you are being held so she makes certain you don't get more than your share of attention.
We cannot decide who you look like. You have brown hair and probably blue eyes like Lily's. Perhaps you are waiting to declare which family member you want to resemble. We have seen glimpses of Uncle Joel and Uncle Eric in you though.
You are a very good baby and we feel very blessed. Considering your dad's history if infant colic we were a bit worried we wouldn't get lucky with a good baby the second time around. You are starting to smile and interact with us more and we love every bit. You weigh probably close to 9 pounds now. It is so fun to dress you up in all the cute tiny clothes and you have so many sweet new outfits you will hardly get to wear sisters hand me downs until you are old enough to resent it.
Don't grow too fast little Gemma, we love your tiny fingers and toes and want to savor every little bit even if we don't have the time to sit and coo over you every little minute.

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  1. I will hold that baby in 3.5 days, and that seems too long to wait!!!!