Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To the tiger at the zoo...

Madeline just said "poo poo."

That is Lily's favorite line from the Madeline book and a common phrase during out trip to the zoo. Our friends Robin and Scott came up to Seattle over the weekend and were kind enough to give us their city pass for the zoo. It had been a while since our last visit and it was a beautiful sunny crisp day.

We hung out with the apes.
We did our best orangutan impression.
We rode some in the "choo choo" stroller when it got too far to walk. Gemma enjoyed a long snooze while we took in the sights.
We hitched a ride on the back of the gorilla.
We got a super close up view of the jaguar.
Uh, Mom he is super close!
Are you sure he can't get through the glass?
No really, he can't get out right?
It was a super fun morning. Too bad after a long nap back at home Lily woke up with a fever. Aw man!! No preschool for you tomorrow!

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