Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ho Ho Ho Ma-wy Ch-wismas

That is what Lily tells us Santa says. I think we all knew this was not going to be an easy task this year. Two and a half is not an easy age to convince a little girl to sit on the lap of a stranger who is dressed in a bright red suit and has a bushy beard. We did a lot of talking and story reading about Santa. We did a walk by at the mall and waved and happily accepted a candy cane lollipop. We prepped for what she was going to tell Santa she wants for Christmas. That does not mean when it comes down to it she is going to sit on his lap. In fact she didn't even want Gemma to sit on his lap. I think a fair compromise is to have dad hold you standing next to him.
After it was all said and done she did thank him, accept a candy cane, and wave bye bye. She also managed to squeak out that she wants a "walk a dog" for Christmas. What is a walk a dog you ask?

This is the toy they had at the doctors office last week that made our visit so enjoyable. It was hard to leave behind for the other kids. So you ask Santa for one.
I'm sure the best part of Lily's night was not Santa, it was a tie between the train display in the Macy's window
or the carousel


  1. Several things come to mind. First off. I love that she is already protecting her little sister. Two, arent we supposed to teach our kids not to take candy from strangers. :)
    And three, you took her on the carousal again. right on.
    And finally. it is a really cute picture of your loves. all of them.