Thursday, December 2, 2010

Matching Same

That is what Lily calls it when I dress her and Gemma in matching outfits. She has also started to pick up on when other things match. She insisted on riding a purple horse on the carousel because she was wearing her purple coat and wanted to be "matching same." We still have a great love of Owls and we received these matching owl outfits for Lily and Gemma. It is really so much fun to dress them both!
I realized I never posted pics of Gemma's room after we did a bit of a spruce up when Lily moved to her new room.
Alex painted the wall lavender and we got a new book case. I hung a grouping of different letter G's.
We moved one of the leather chairs from the living room in.
Not much change in the diaper changing table except the addition of a new lovely tutu we are waiting for Gemma to fit into!!


  1. The tutu doesn't fit yet!?!?! I cannot wait until it does. There better be pictures!

  2. I love the matching but different , think Destiny's Child.