Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thank Full

The days leading up to Thanksgiving looked like this!! So we had no preschool and no mops group so we had to get creative indoors. I know it doesn't look like enough to cancel school but ice and hills don't mix so rather than the whole city slip and slide on the streets they cancel school.

 We didn't have trouble keeping busy. I have my little baker in house. Whenever the measuring cups and bowls come out there is a continuous chant of "help, help, help" like I have a choice anymore.

I know this was one of Oprah's favorite things, but my ipad is one if my favorite things too. I can pull up any recipe and have it right there!
 The finished product! Browned butter pumpkin muffins!
 They passed the strict inspection of head baker.
This is what the baker worked on while the muffins baked.  Wooden cookies and frosting.
Time to relax while mom cleans up. Not sure Winsty enjoys being squished but that is what you get when you share with Lily.

Lily received this rocking horse from Auntie Hillary last Christmas and is really able to enjoy it this year! She likes to play this is the way the cowboy rides and go really fast. She also loves the carousel downtown so maybe this is like her own personal carousel at home.
Yes, our Gemma is still around. She just goes with the flow most of the time. She loves to watch Lily in action and has really started giving us huge grins and even real belly laughs now. It is so fun to goof around and get a laugh out of her. Lily loves to get in her face and make her smile. She even humors me by holding her "sisty Gemmoooo" for a few minutes.
By the time Thanksgiving day arrived the snow  was starting to melt but was still on the ground for our morning walk around the lake. We wanted to burn some calories for the big meal. Do you think Lily looks cozy enough in her stroller sack? We were both jealous. Winsty too! Gemma was bundled on Mama in her bear suit and sound asleep.
No we didn't make this snow man but it was too good to  pass up without taking a photo. Lily has been enjoying a series of Christmas books called Snowmen at night and Snowmen at Christmas so she was excited to see one in person.
There was some serious ice around the edges of the lake.
 Once it was time for the big meal we had picked up our very own "Kramer" Auntie Brandi from the airport and managed to cook the full Thanksgiving meal. Of course I never got a photo of all of us sitting down to eat. I did manage a photo of the gingerbread with pumpkin mousse trifle, cranberry chutney, and stilton crackers I made.
We aren't big pumpkin pie fans so we improvised with a new dessert. I did make the chutney from scratch and the crackers were from my new Barefoot Contessa cookbook.  At the end of the day we had given thanks and were very full!


  1. Love that L loves her pony!!! I do what I can:)

    That trifle looks amazing. I'll take two.

  2. I cant believe how snowy it was on Thanksgiving when you walked the lake. you guys are hardcore. I thought it was more melted than that.

    that trifle was so freakin good. and so pretty !