Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Day

Santa came through for Lily this year, I guess she must have made the nice list after all. She asked Santa for a "walk a dog" and that is what she got. As you can see she was very pleased. I have to say, he has already traveled to LA by airplane and gets played with every day. Well done Santa!

Gemma was happy just to be snuggled and watch the rest of us. She and Lily had matching, same pajamas. I think shortly after this photo was taken Gemma decided to head back to bed for a snooze and missed most of the excitement.

Alex gets to open a present with his little "helper".

Winston was an old pro at sniffing out his stocking.

I guess he managed to scrape by and make the nice list too. Just barely if you asked me!

I think we made it through three gifts in two hours. She had to play with each gift thoroughly before moving on to the next. It took nearly all day to finish but sure was fun.

After brunch and a quick attempt at an unsucessful nap we dove back into opening. This one has been a big hit. If you are interested she is taking art work requests.

There is always room for more books in our house. Alex would disagree I think. Anything to do with owls becomes an instant favorite.

After all the hard work it was time to chill on her new cot with her "hoots" puzzle pieces. It was a whirlwind day which ended with steak dinner and a rushed job of packing for our trip to LA bright and early on the 26th.

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  1. how did Lils like her little daily advent calendar treats that you did?