Friday, January 14, 2011

Gemma's baptism

One of the main reasons we all went down to LA after Christmas was to show off our Gemma to all our LA family and friends and have Gemma baptized. We held her baptism at the same church Ascension Lutheran in Thousand Oaks where Lily was baptized. Joel and Tonya are her god parents. She was such a good girl and was so wide eyed and interested in it all. The pastor was quite smitten with her and even remarked how lovely she was during the baptism.

Lily was a little unsure what was going on, but getting to sit with her cousins during church was a treat in itself. She even went with Aunt Tonya up to the childrens message which she wouldn't do for me on Christmas eve.

We are so lucky to have all our family there and be so supportive. It is really wonderful to have Alex's parents come over so often from England and be part of the big Peterson family.
After the service we had about 30 people over to the house for lunch. It was so nice to catch up and have them all meet Gemma for the first time.

It was especially wonderful for Great Grandma Peterson to get to meet her newest baby. It wasn't her newest for long though, my cousin Jenny just had a baby girl January 4th so now Grandma has another little one to love. She is so wonderful, and loving, and proud. It is a highlight of our visits to get to see her when we go to LA.

The evening ended with a cousin tea party. Lily got a new tea set and book from Jeanine and the girls wasted no time breaking it in, even in her jammies.

It was a wonderful trip and we were truly exhausted when we arrived back home. Traveling with two little ones is a whole new experience. I can't say when we will do it again but it was fun!! Thanks everyone who came out to see us and those we missed, we are sorry we didn't get to see you all.

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  1. there is not much more I love in this world than a kid in pajamas. esp Lils !