Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Chef and her sidekick

It hasn't been terribly exciting around here. We have been testing out a few new cook books I got for Christmas though. Lily loves to play "mixing". Give her a couple bowls, spoons, and something to stir and she is happy. Almost as happy as she is when washing dishes. Can you see a pattern in our "play" around here. Sounds a little like chores doesn't it? Next we are going to "play" fold the laundry, and scoop the dog poop. I guess those are still a while away.
It is not all business around here though. Often when we play cooking it means a few spare chocolate chips (chip chips) or mini marshmallows (mush-ooms). I sure hope this influences her career choices and she becomes a chef. I could use some gourmet meals made for me for the rest of my life.
You see, a good chef always tastes her creation before serving her guests. Don't worry if you are a guest at our house. I do not really allow her to taste the cooking or get her germy fingers in everything. She has her own set of bowls, spoons, and ingredients.
I think this particular recipe was a great success!
We also like to do bath time as a family. It is not really helpful at all to have Lily assist but if it involves water, whatsoever, she will not be left out. We already upgraded Gemma out of the infant sling portion of her tub. She sits in it like a big girl. We are excited for the day she can bath with her big sister in the big tub.
I think this little side kick enjoys water just as much as Lily does. We have a couple of water babies on our hands. Lily is going to start swim lessons this week so we will have some fun photos of that soon. We figured since she has almost no fear or water it was safer to get her learning to swim as soon as possible.
I think the girls are coming to the mutual agreement they are pretty fond of each other. Gemma was in awe of her big sisty from the begining. Lily took a little longer to really enjoy Gemma and want her around. Now she is always concerned about where Gemma is. That doesn't mean she will come tell me if Gemma is crying though, or even try to help her get the pacifier in her mouth. Those are mommy jobs I guess.
Gemma loves to watch Lily play and Lily is happy to have a captive audience, as long as that audience does not try to "share" her toys. Lily has become fond of being "nakey girl" so we sometimes indulge her and she spends the afternoon in her diaper. Whatever. Let's not make this a habit in your teen years though.

We had a wonderful visit from Kristen this past weekend. She is going to have baby #2 in March so we enjoyed some girl time and pampering at the spa. It was so fun to have her here and great to have a second set of hands. It will be a great time when both our families get to be together again. Kids sure make it a different sort of visit but tons of laughs!

Currently we are nursing a sick Lily (AGAIN!) She has had one huge long cold since starting preschool in September. Her cough is miserable but we are hoping this is building her immune system for the future. Maybe she will be one of the healthiest ones in Kindergarten?

We went to have photos of the girls taken yesterday since we missed the two month photos of Gemma, we wanted to make sure we got four month ones. Stay tuned for some cute Davis girls!

We are also going to the mountains next weekend for a retreat to the snow! Alex is going to ski and we are going to play and sled! We can't wait. Our friends Mark and Jessie and their pooch Scamp (and Winsty of course) are coming too!


  1. I could have used Lils today to help me bake brownies.
    Love the chocolate all over her face ! I had that look today too but not so cute on a grown up. hmm

    All those q 2 hour feeds are working because Gemmou is soooo big ! since I saw her last.

    Love the picture of you and your girls and Kristin.
    cuties , all of yas !

  2. Jake loves to cook too, maybe they will open a restaurant together when they're married! He-He.

    Jake too has been sick since Oct, we think he's finally getting over it and then it starts again. We are off to the doctors for the 4th time in 3 weeks. Ugh! Hope Lily feels better!

  3. Love all the pictures. I wish we all loved closer to see more of those cute girls!! Can't wait to see the pictures of everyone in the snow. Love Aunt Rach & Uncle E