Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year in LA

The day after Christmas, after a brutal 4:30AM wake up to head to the airport, we stepped off the plane in sunny southern California. We had given strict instructions we were only coming if it was sunny. Thank goodness the weather cooperated.

 We had a wonderful greeting in Simi by Grandpa and Grandma Peterson, Eric, Rach, and Carol. Carol gives her little Gemma a sweet smooch! She loves her babies when they are small, sweet, and quiet. Lily is quickly approaching the "she sure is noisy" phase in Carol's book!

Grandpa can't help but take a bite out of this little one too! She sure is alert and smiley these days. Her laugh is contagious and comes very frequently too.
The next day we decided to play tourist and head to the LA farmers market and Grove. We were hoping to spot some stars but we only saw wanna-be's. It was beautifully decorated and a gorgeous day. Almost warm by our Seattle standards. We even ate outside in the sun at a cafe! Lovely!
They have a double decker trolley that you can ride free down the lane of shops. Lily thought it was a character from Thomas the train so she was thrilled to get to ride.

This is to prove I was actually on the vacation. I just usually end up taking all the photos. Gemma was sleeping in her stroller so Grandma watched her while we took a ride.
We also had a wonderful sunny warm day at Santa Monica with our great friends Robbin and Jenn and their families, but of course with the busyness of two little ones, the camera never made it out of the bag. You will just have to take my word for it that it was glorious and all the kids ran around barefoot at the beach playground.
After our few days in LA we headed up to Carpinteria to spend a couple days with Grandma and Grandpa England at the "combo". Again we had great weather and lots of fun at the beach. Our girls are definitely water babies!

Lily went to the beach every day while we were there and didn't mind it was a bit cold. Grampy didn't mind the cold either and decided to put his "feet" in the water. I think he forgot Lily's feet and body are a little smaller and closer to the ground than his.

This is what happens when Grampy is in charge.

It was a long, cold walk back to the condo. Lily cried each day when it was time to leave the beach. We had to start bringing sweets to bribe her to leave. Guess someone wants to go to Hawaii this summer huh?

New Years Eve we had a delicious meal out with the Davis'. Alex's Uncle and Aunt were also visiting from Toronto and got to spend time with the girls. I am so sad I don't have any pictures of us all together.

New Years Day we headed back to Simi to spend the day with our Peterson peeps. Joel and Tonya, Owen and Charlie were all down and we had the best day together. We had lunch at home and then while my little one's slept us ladies went to coffee bean and tea leaf for a drink and chat. So wonderful. Then when everyone was awake we went to Atomic bowling!!!

Owen had good form!

Charlie was really good too. I was shocked they were even able to lift the ball. Even Lily had it swinging around like a maniac.

Grandma Nini (Rach's mom Jeanine) helped Lily throw a couple balls. They had a metal ramp to help the little ones.

Mom and Pops had fun with all their kiddies. It is not often we are all together, such fun!

Uncle E had some Gemma loving. Lily was having a blast with her cousins. We call Owen the baby whisperer because if Gemma was fussy we could put her on his lap and he would give her a gentle wiggle and she would quiet right down and look up at him. Lily could follow Owen and Charlie around all day and copy their actions. We all went home after bowling for a big Italian meal and some good old charades. I have to say, charades with the family is funny enough to bring us all to tears.

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