Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time flies

I feel like we could blink and it was the day we took Gemma home from the hospital. Maybe it is because we have only had about ten hours of sleep since then. I kid, we have had enough sleep, just enough and not one bit more. She is a wonderful sleeper, she just likes to wake often in the night and say hello, have a nibble, and go right back to sleep. Could be a lot worse you know.
Who wouldn't want to say hello to this little face in the night?
Gemma has been on medicine for reflux since she was about 6 weeks old. I had the genius idea that perhaps she did not need it anymore and therefore we should try to wean it off and see how she does. Four days into the wean she had a miserable night and ended up getting right back on her dose of medicine and spent the night sleeping in the bouncy chair. The next night she was better but has been vomiting in her sleep. Guess it is safe to say she really needs her medicine then.
We also tried to remove all dairy from her diet (by me removing it from mine) to see if that would help her tummy troubles. Over two weeks of no dairy and we didn't notice much change so I guess it is not a dairy issue. I am relieved to be back on milk...and chocolate!
We head to the pediatrician next week for a check up so we will see how much she has grown and if they have any pearls of wisdom to help her tummy and help her sleep longer stretches.
If you can't tell she is a truly happy and pretty mellow baby. We are very lucky and Lily is really getting to be protective of her little sister. Most of the time that is.

We decided that she would probably get a kick out of the jumperoo now so today I dragged it out of the closet and put it together. I think it is safe to say she is a fan.

Lily was very interested as well. As far as she was concerned this was a new fantastic toy and she wanted to try it out.
Yes, I think DELICIOUS just about sums it up!
Here is a one minute video of Gemma's new hobby. Singing. She thinks she has a fabulous voice and today on her play mat she was going to town. It was hard to catch as every time the camera appears she clams up. Hope this is not too long, boring, or painful. I figure the grandparents at least will like it.

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