Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tutu Cute!

Gemma received this ridiculously cute tutu from Hillary (and Colbie of course)! I have been waiting for the perfect time for it's debut (meaning I have no time but before she out grows it she better get into this cute thing and pose for some photos).
 I think she likes it. She should be rocking a big flower on her head as well but I am certain she cannot carry it off like her BFF Colbie can.

 On a side note can you just eat up these rolls on her thighs! She is getting some loveable baby chub!

 You can see a hint of big sister in her pink tutu in the background. She was in the thick of "the great illness of 2011" and not interested in posing for sister tutu photos.
Lily's BFF Kat is having a princess birthday party soon and I am hoping the sister tutu's will make another appearance and I will try to get some more pictures. While these tutu's are adorable on little girls I am pretty sure they would not be so figure flattering on adults. Too bad because they could hide a multitude of flaws and fit well beyond the size specified on the tag!

Frosting, Fun and First Food

 I know this post is a day (or ten) late and a dollar short but I will post it none the less. You see we have been a bit preoccupied around here with "the great illness of 2011" but more on that later.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Davis Girls! We had photos taken in the beginning of February. Lily is 2 1/2 years and Gemma 4 months.
I know it is a cheesy holiday but I do love Valentines. Everything about it is great. You get to wear red and pink, there are hearts everywhere, you can indulge on sweet treats and tell the people you care about how much you love them! What's so bad about that?
We started our celebrating early by baking a heart shaped chocolate cake on Friday. It was really easy and turned out delicious. Well my skinny, husband said, "it was ok, you know I am not that big on cake." It tasted good, the looks, on the other hand, maybe not that pleasing. What do you expect when you have a 2 year old as a sous chef? Here is the cake pre-frosting.

 Of course it wouldn't be complete without vanilla butter cream frosting and a generous splashing of sprinkles! I was going to tint it pink but we were out of food coloring!!

 My sous chef did the sprinkling, and the batter licking. It is a tough job but somebody has to do it.
Saturday morning we woke up to have some pink heart shaped pancakes! Yes, please and thank you!  We topped them with raspberries and strawberries too!
 Lily has a true sense of style her doesn't she?
 Sunday we decided to have some family fun at the zoo! It has been a long time since we have all been. It was a nice sunny day and everyone had a pretty good time. This was the first time we could not steer Lily away from the carousel without a ride. I think this is going to be the highlight of her visit in the future.
 Gemma even enjoyed herself and all the kids and animals. She is growing so quickly and is so alert and interactive. She cannot keep a smile off her face! We have realized there is some confusion about the pronunciation of her name. While it is pretty common in England it has yet to arrive the states. It is pronounced like a "J". You know like a Gem stone. Ok, back to the zoo.
 We ended the weekend with Gemma trying her first taste of food! Rice cereal, I think she even liked it. Lily got to feed her the first bite. She quickly lost interest after that.
 Mom takes over and Gemma did a good job of getting most of it all over her face and bib.
 We have started combining bath time a few times a week. They both enjoy sharing the tub and watching each other splash around. Pretty much anything Gemma does, Lily wants to try. This includes the baby tub. Whatever. Our household mantra has become, "choose your battles."
Do you think she would get the idea she doesn't exactly fit?
We would have carried on our Valentine celebrating right to the actual day on Monday...only earlier in the week I noticed a drip drip drip coming from the ceiling in the basement and long story short it led to this. By Monday we were knee deep in plumbers and dry wall repair men. Ugh!
We are just now, today, completely finished with all the repairs from a leaking pipe fro the bathroom upstairs. It could have been much worse but it was bad enough, expensive enough, and a huge hassle. 

As for the great illness of 2011 we have had sick girls in our home for the last ten days. Lily has had a cough pretty much since starting preschool in September. She got worse over the last two weeks and eventually had a fever and wheezing. We took her to the doctor and she was diagnosed with an ear infection and pneumonia. It has been a greulling past ten days. She has finally turned the corner, has more energy, and is sleeping through the night again. I am seeing glimpses of my former happy, sweet little girl so I have hope. 
Unfortunately Gemma has caught a horrible respiratory infection from her sister. She has gotten worse over the last few days and we managed to escape a trip to the ER last night with her. We took her for a ride in the car with the window cracked and she slept upright in the car seat beside our bed last night with the humidifier on. She passed the doctors without any pneumonia. She hasn't had a fever but has a bad case of bronchiolitis. We will just keep on doing what we are doing and hope she gets better soon as well. She is so sad, as she lost her voice and so she can't cry and sounds like a wounded little bird. Her eyes are red and she just is miserable! Poor thing. 
Grandma Peterson flew up Sunday to help us out so luckily we have an extra set of hands. We are all pretty worn out and wishing for some sleep. Maybe in ten years I will sleep through the night and as late as I want. Let's hope that is all the illness for us this winter. 
Hope you have all managed to stay healthy and plumber free this February!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've got sunshine

I have to admit, the rumors about Seattle weather are pretty true. It does not rain all the time here. It is, however, pretty overcast and dreary...all...winter...long.
So when the sun does come out, it is time for celebration! Lily begs to go outside and "play toys" from the minute she wakes until the sun (or lack of sun) goes down.
Oh and let me tell you, she got a Valentine's Day package from Gopgop yesterday including this adorable outfit!
She still fits on her "tiny car." She is also very disturbed by the fact one of his eyes rubbed off.
She plays mechanic to her vehicles.
Her new behavior/chore chart arrived today. We have been working on learning some new behaviors and getting rid of some not so super ones. Right now we are learning to say please/thank you, feeding our pet, brushing our teeth (without argument) and the big one, no crying. We will see how it goes. She has been doing well since we started last week with positive reinforcement. Let's hope the chart keeps her interested in the new "game."

Monday, February 7, 2011

All fresh and clean

Today I took Lily for her first visit to the dentist. It is always a little nerve racking wondering how these things will go. Luckily so far she has been really good with doctors and the dentist. She was super excited at the office. It is a pediatric dentist, I wish I could go there too. It is kitted out with TV's, toys, and a wii. The dentist even brings his little dog to the office and has a baby gate across his office door so you can stop by and pet his dog.
As this was her first visit she got a tour, picked out a new toothbrush (she passed by all the princess ones for a cars one!) and the dental hygienist brushed her teeth for her.
She was happy to lay on the exam chair to watch Dora on the flat screen TV's on the ceiling. For the exam she preferred to recline on my lap with her head in the dentist lap and let him "count her teeth."
She got a clean bill of health, new toothbrush and toothpaste and a coin to place in the toy dispenser! I think she would like to go back weekly at this point! She is also getting her last two baby teeth so no wonder she has been crabby and chewing on things! As she likes to say, "all fresh and clean!"

Stuff White People Like

Have you ever read the blog Stuff White People Like? Well I am pretty sure at least ten things we did this past weekend would make the list. We rented a cabin the mountains East of Seattle near Stevens Pass ski area and the Bavarian town of Leavenworth.

It was a super cute cabin and just perfect. We went with our friends Jessie and Mark and of course Scamp their dog.
The first thing Lily said upon entering was, "Wow! Nice house!"
We arrived late Friday evening so Saturday morning everyone was raring to get into the snow.
 I know you don't really wear wellies in the snow (another thing white people like, Wellies). We don't own real winter boots and certainly aren't going to buy some for a weekend trip. They worked well enough to keep our feet dry and warm. 
We borrowed a sled from a neighboring cabin and took Lily down a small hill. She loved it. The snow was pretty icy and hard but pretty deep so our feet kept falling in. Lily thought this was hilarious as her feet did not fall in.
Alex spent Saturday afternoon skiing. Something he does not get to do often enough. We held down the fort at the cabin. Jessie made chex mix, and choc chip cookies with the close supervision of Lily.
After an afternoon on the slopes Alex needed a relax in the jacuzzi. Lily joined him in the "tiny pool" for a bit. She wasn't too fond of the jets and wanted out after they came on.
Sunday morning we woke up to a ton of snow and it was still falling. It was beautiful. Mark took Lily out to make a snow man while we packed up the cabin. She read so much about making snow men in her Christmas books she was dying to make one. 
This is the road out of the cabin toward the highway! We were anxious to see how the drive home would be. The roads were well plowed though and it was not trouble. We made it home in plenty of time to watch the super bowl. You know, more stuff white people like! Oh and Gemma did come on the trip with us, she just didn't make it out into the snow. It was super icy and difficult to manage with Lily and the dogs so we didn't want to risk falling with her in the baby carrier. She has plenty of years to play in the snow.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We did it!

Can you guess what this is?

 White horse hill, Uffington, UK.

Do you know who lives here?


Yes, it is Pear Tree Cottage! Grandma and Grandpa England's house!!

Do you know what this is?
Yes, quite possibly the cutest ever passport photo! She knows how to pose I tell you!

 Yep, we're going to England!!

Do you want to know how we are going to get there?

A little random to take a Spanish airline? Well, it is purchased through them but flown by British airways. The best part is, buying it through them instead of on BA saved us $1000! Now we just have to cross all fingers and toes we get a seat with a bassinet for Gemma.

Everyone will get to meet Gemma and see how Lily has grown. We haven't been back since Lily was 6 months old. The girls will get to meet their second cousins. Of course we also hope to also see Meagan, Martin, and Charlie!

If your feeling jealous you can still book a seat and come along. We will even let you sit with our two young children for the nine hour flight in coach. We will be in business class if you need anything!