Monday, February 7, 2011

All fresh and clean

Today I took Lily for her first visit to the dentist. It is always a little nerve racking wondering how these things will go. Luckily so far she has been really good with doctors and the dentist. She was super excited at the office. It is a pediatric dentist, I wish I could go there too. It is kitted out with TV's, toys, and a wii. The dentist even brings his little dog to the office and has a baby gate across his office door so you can stop by and pet his dog.
As this was her first visit she got a tour, picked out a new toothbrush (she passed by all the princess ones for a cars one!) and the dental hygienist brushed her teeth for her.
She was happy to lay on the exam chair to watch Dora on the flat screen TV's on the ceiling. For the exam she preferred to recline on my lap with her head in the dentist lap and let him "count her teeth."
She got a clean bill of health, new toothbrush and toothpaste and a coin to place in the toy dispenser! I think she would like to go back weekly at this point! She is also getting her last two baby teeth so no wonder she has been crabby and chewing on things! As she likes to say, "all fresh and clean!"


  1. Seriously, I totally want to go to that dentist!

  2. I remember my dentist as a kid. do you guys?
    mine was darling. Dr Lisnow. I remember his chubby fingers and he had a treasure chest in his office that we got to pick a toy from. love the token idea.

    what kind of dog does he have?