Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frosting, Fun and First Food

 I know this post is a day (or ten) late and a dollar short but I will post it none the less. You see we have been a bit preoccupied around here with "the great illness of 2011" but more on that later.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Davis Girls! We had photos taken in the beginning of February. Lily is 2 1/2 years and Gemma 4 months.
I know it is a cheesy holiday but I do love Valentines. Everything about it is great. You get to wear red and pink, there are hearts everywhere, you can indulge on sweet treats and tell the people you care about how much you love them! What's so bad about that?
We started our celebrating early by baking a heart shaped chocolate cake on Friday. It was really easy and turned out delicious. Well my skinny, husband said, "it was ok, you know I am not that big on cake." It tasted good, the looks, on the other hand, maybe not that pleasing. What do you expect when you have a 2 year old as a sous chef? Here is the cake pre-frosting.

 Of course it wouldn't be complete without vanilla butter cream frosting and a generous splashing of sprinkles! I was going to tint it pink but we were out of food coloring!!

 My sous chef did the sprinkling, and the batter licking. It is a tough job but somebody has to do it.
Saturday morning we woke up to have some pink heart shaped pancakes! Yes, please and thank you!  We topped them with raspberries and strawberries too!
 Lily has a true sense of style her doesn't she?
 Sunday we decided to have some family fun at the zoo! It has been a long time since we have all been. It was a nice sunny day and everyone had a pretty good time. This was the first time we could not steer Lily away from the carousel without a ride. I think this is going to be the highlight of her visit in the future.
 Gemma even enjoyed herself and all the kids and animals. She is growing so quickly and is so alert and interactive. She cannot keep a smile off her face! We have realized there is some confusion about the pronunciation of her name. While it is pretty common in England it has yet to arrive the states. It is pronounced like a "J". You know like a Gem stone. Ok, back to the zoo.
 We ended the weekend with Gemma trying her first taste of food! Rice cereal, I think she even liked it. Lily got to feed her the first bite. She quickly lost interest after that.
 Mom takes over and Gemma did a good job of getting most of it all over her face and bib.
 We have started combining bath time a few times a week. They both enjoy sharing the tub and watching each other splash around. Pretty much anything Gemma does, Lily wants to try. This includes the baby tub. Whatever. Our household mantra has become, "choose your battles."
Do you think she would get the idea she doesn't exactly fit?
We would have carried on our Valentine celebrating right to the actual day on Monday...only earlier in the week I noticed a drip drip drip coming from the ceiling in the basement and long story short it led to this. By Monday we were knee deep in plumbers and dry wall repair men. Ugh!
We are just now, today, completely finished with all the repairs from a leaking pipe fro the bathroom upstairs. It could have been much worse but it was bad enough, expensive enough, and a huge hassle. 

As for the great illness of 2011 we have had sick girls in our home for the last ten days. Lily has had a cough pretty much since starting preschool in September. She got worse over the last two weeks and eventually had a fever and wheezing. We took her to the doctor and she was diagnosed with an ear infection and pneumonia. It has been a greulling past ten days. She has finally turned the corner, has more energy, and is sleeping through the night again. I am seeing glimpses of my former happy, sweet little girl so I have hope. 
Unfortunately Gemma has caught a horrible respiratory infection from her sister. She has gotten worse over the last few days and we managed to escape a trip to the ER last night with her. We took her for a ride in the car with the window cracked and she slept upright in the car seat beside our bed last night with the humidifier on. She passed the doctors without any pneumonia. She hasn't had a fever but has a bad case of bronchiolitis. We will just keep on doing what we are doing and hope she gets better soon as well. She is so sad, as she lost her voice and so she can't cry and sounds like a wounded little bird. Her eyes are red and she just is miserable! Poor thing. 
Grandma Peterson flew up Sunday to help us out so luckily we have an extra set of hands. We are all pretty worn out and wishing for some sleep. Maybe in ten years I will sleep through the night and as late as I want. Let's hope that is all the illness for us this winter. 
Hope you have all managed to stay healthy and plumber free this February!

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  1. Every last picture of L cracks me up! What a funny little thing she is!

    Hope you guys start getting more sleep and you and Alex don't come down with the same URI.