Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've got sunshine

I have to admit, the rumors about Seattle weather are pretty true. It does not rain all the time here. It is, however, pretty overcast and dreary...all...winter...long.
So when the sun does come out, it is time for celebration! Lily begs to go outside and "play toys" from the minute she wakes until the sun (or lack of sun) goes down.
Oh and let me tell you, she got a Valentine's Day package from Gopgop yesterday including this adorable outfit!
She still fits on her "tiny car." She is also very disturbed by the fact one of his eyes rubbed off.
She plays mechanic to her vehicles.
Her new behavior/chore chart arrived today. We have been working on learning some new behaviors and getting rid of some not so super ones. Right now we are learning to say please/thank you, feeding our pet, brushing our teeth (without argument) and the big one, no crying. We will see how it goes. She has been doing well since we started last week with positive reinforcement. Let's hope the chart keeps her interested in the new "game."


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  2. I'm loving the chart idea. Where did you get it?