Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tutu Cute!

Gemma received this ridiculously cute tutu from Hillary (and Colbie of course)! I have been waiting for the perfect time for it's debut (meaning I have no time but before she out grows it she better get into this cute thing and pose for some photos).
 I think she likes it. She should be rocking a big flower on her head as well but I am certain she cannot carry it off like her BFF Colbie can.

 On a side note can you just eat up these rolls on her thighs! She is getting some loveable baby chub!

 You can see a hint of big sister in her pink tutu in the background. She was in the thick of "the great illness of 2011" and not interested in posing for sister tutu photos.
Lily's BFF Kat is having a princess birthday party soon and I am hoping the sister tutu's will make another appearance and I will try to get some more pictures. While these tutu's are adorable on little girls I am pretty sure they would not be so figure flattering on adults. Too bad because they could hide a multitude of flaws and fit well beyond the size specified on the tag!


  1. Oh my goodness, I need that baby in my arms before she gets any bigger!!! What a little sweetie, and I'm loving the purple on her!! Her BFF loves and wears a lot of purple too. Also, her BFF LOVES the bumbo, as it appears Little G does too! We could just sit them in their bumbos and let them talk all afternoon while we drink coffee. sigh

  2. Love it! And that is getting some use out of the sweater too!