Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We did it!

Can you guess what this is?

 White horse hill, Uffington, UK.

Do you know who lives here?


Yes, it is Pear Tree Cottage! Grandma and Grandpa England's house!!

Do you know what this is?
Yes, quite possibly the cutest ever passport photo! She knows how to pose I tell you!

 Yep, we're going to England!!

Do you want to know how we are going to get there?

A little random to take a Spanish airline? Well, it is purchased through them but flown by British airways. The best part is, buying it through them instead of on BA saved us $1000! Now we just have to cross all fingers and toes we get a seat with a bassinet for Gemma.

Everyone will get to meet Gemma and see how Lily has grown. We haven't been back since Lily was 6 months old. The girls will get to meet their second cousins. Of course we also hope to also see Meagan, Martin, and Charlie!

If your feeling jealous you can still book a seat and come along. We will even let you sit with our two young children for the nine hour flight in coach. We will be in business class if you need anything! 

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  1. Yeah Yeah Yeah!! So when are you coming? We are so excited to meet your Gemma and see Lily and well you and Alex as well. We would love to have you guys down here if you can come or we can meet some where. I hope all is well. See you soon!!!