Sunday, March 27, 2011

Growing brood

We are always trying to get pics of all the cousins together. Now that Gemma has joined the brood we needed a picture of the group. This is no simple feet.

We spent the weekend down in Portland visiting cousins and Joel and Tonya. Grandma and Grandpa had driven up from Cali so we had a great time all together. We had tons of great food. The kids went in the hotel pool two days in a row. We went wine tasting while the kids stayed back with the grandparents. Alex and I got to go out to dinner for our five year anniversary! We had very little sleep (less than our usual small amount).

It was a great time over all. Wish we could do it more often. A huge thanks to Joel and Tonya for hosting everyone and putting up with us all and cooking up some seriously good grub!

Here is the best of the bunch!!
My personal favorites are the out takes though.

Let's start with getting everyone on the couch.
Now we have the "Charlie doesn't want to participate". This is also the "Gemma's hand is reaching out towards Lily." she trying to hold my hand?
Let's pout, and Lily's "I don't want her to touch me" view.
We are warming up to the idea. I guess I will be a nice sister and hold your hand.
Daddy's making funny faces. Owen is not impressed. Lily thinks it is great.
Ok this is getting super boring. Are we done yet?

See, the first one is looking even better now that you know how hard it was to get!


  1. I think they are all great, but the first one is probably the best. I just can't get over what a little girl Lily looks like and not a baby, or even a toddler in that picture, anymore.

  2. Hahahahaha. Love it. Now you know my pain.
    The kids are so cute. I think Gemma looks like her mommy!!!
    So cute to see the cousins together.
    Can't wait to see you guys.