Monday, March 21, 2011

Half a year ago...

We had one of these...

And six months later we have one of these...

Thanks to my help during the photo shoot.
We also had a little interruption from sister. She decided to have one of her rare moments of sisterly love.
Lily also likes to hold hands with Gemma on occasion. This sometimes leads to an attempt at ring around the rosie. We did notice that occasionally this loving hand holding turns into "death grip" so we have to monitor this "loving" closely.
Lily needed a few shots with her beloved hoots to end the session.

At six months Gemma is now starting to like to eat solids. She has tried banana, peas, and apple with good old rice cereal. She pretty much tried to spit it all out up until about a week ago. She tends to eat better for her daddy than anyone else.

She has smiles and coos galore and can't get enough of her toes. She often succeeds at pulling off her socks so she can suck on her toes. Her favorite things to watch are Lily and Winston. If only either one of them would return the attention. She loves to chew on toys and will take the pacifier if given it but is not as obsessed with it as Lily was. Maybe we just let her shout it out a little more.

She takes two, two hour naps a day (if we can manage to be home to squeeze them in) or she cat naps in the car seat. She has decided that sleeping long stretches at night is for losers and would rather wake every three hours all night long to say hello and have a bit of milk. This is certainly not enjoyed by anyone else in the family and is a work in progress to save our sanity. At least she does go right back to sleep so she is quick about it.

Her hair is coming in slow as molasses but has a bit of a red hue like Lily's did. Her eyes are just like her dads. Blue on the outside and sort of green in the middle. They look different depending on what she wears and the amount of light but they are just like Alex's. Who knows what color to call them? She is definitely changing in her looks and now is very similar to Lily in baby photos of her at this age.

She is such a good girl and goes with the flow of our crazy daily life. She loves to jump in the jumperoo and doorway jumper much to Lily's delight. She loves to push Gemma and swing Gemma. A little whiplash never hurt at this age right?

She is still on Zantac for her acid reflux, we hope to wean her off after her 6 month doctors visit. The plan was maybe after starting solids she would be able to get off the medicine so we will see. She is finally healthy after two back to back bouts of bronchiolitis. She was a trooper through the illness but no one got any sleep.

She is rolling over front to back (to get out of the dreaded "tummy time") and occasionally from back to front. When she manages to roll over from back to front she looks around and gets mad, like who put me this way I hate it?

No teeth so far which is good for me since I am still nursing. She has a stubborn streak for sure and won't take a bottle. She used to take a bottle but went on strike about a month and a half ago and we can't seem to get her to take it again. Perhaps we will just start a sippy cup sooner and hope for the best.

She is a keeper for sure and we are trying to soak up every minute although it seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. We live our lives to the motto, "the days are long but the years are short" that and "choose your battles" but that is more for the two year old in the house!

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  1. Awww. It goes by sooo fast doesn't it. I'm really trying to savor every moment with the kids. They change everyday. I'm so happy for your family. You are such a good mommy!!! Lucky kids...and hubby!