Wednesday, March 9, 2011


One of the favorite quotes from Lily's latest favorite show Kipper is, "nothing ever really happens." That is us these days. Not much new. We are ok with that. Better nothing than a whole lot of illness! So here is a peek into our days filled with "nothing" but cuteness.
Still obsessed with getting to try everything her sister has. She climbs in pulls up the blanket, declares herself cozy and stays there for 20 minutes. Whatever. Twenty minutes of relative peace for me.
Love love love my fingers these days. The whole fist tastes even better.
Sister feet! It's the best I could get with wiggly and uncooperative girls. They just grow TOO fast!!
Hope your days are filled with nothing but sunshine and lots of giggles!


  1. love the latest. Gemmou is so bright eyed and bushy tailed! she may be coughing but dang she is not letting it get her cuteness ! she is royalty. must be the English blood. And love the feet photo.

  2. You are getting some mad photo skills cuzzy. Great job. Love looking at the photos!!!