Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our newest girl friend!

We have a new addition to our girl parties!! Lily's best friend Kat has a new baby sister, Natalie Marie. We are so excited. Now Gemma has a friend too! We got to visit the newest addition today and she is a keeper for sure.
Why can't they just stay this tiny and delicious for a little longer?
She really is a sweet one. I know people always say that but it is the truth.
Tiny yawns are just the best!
She knew she was modeling and gave us a smirk.
Trying to get all the girls together for the first shot of many to come. Gemma is pretty stoked about her new friend. She welcomed her to the group with a backhand to the cheek! Her big sister protects her.
This is about the best they could manage.
Sisters are in love already!! Looking forward to many many play dates in the future!

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