Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two Hoots

I don't give two hoots if you want to go to bed or not....your going!
That is not what this post is about. It could be, considering we are a bit delerious with lack of sleep. It is about the passion our house has for Owls, and how Lily's passion is spreading to little sister.
We happened across this owl at a store recently and he begged to come home with us. That, and Lily had a runny nose (when doesn't she?) and she happened to hug this little owl and rubbed her runny nose all over him. Clever move kid, you kind of have to buy it after that don't you?
His official name is big owl, after the stuffed animal owl on Kipper of course.
Gemma was not to be left out of the hoots craze. She is quite the chewer and loves toys. Lily at this age had no interest in toys probably because she had her pacifier in her mouth at all times. Gemma, however would prefer a toy any day of the week. She is loving her new "little owl" toy.
Lily just might be sleeping with both owls right now. Well she is not sleeping, she is goofing around as usual, but she has both owls in there with her. Good thing Gemma is so good at sharing, a fact I point out to Lily all the time. She doesn't always reciprocate the sharing with Gemma. Just wait until Gemma is a little older and you will not have control all the time big sister.

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  1. Those are some cute hoots! And that Lily is super smart for wiping the boogs on big hoots at the store.