Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

We have enjoyed so many Easter festivities that for once I think I am really ready for the holiday to be over. Don't get me wrong. I really love easter, but with the eggs, both real and plastic, being a hit with Lily AND the dog, I am about done.
We received an Easter package from Grandma Nini last week that was a big hit. Lily played with the puzzle over and over and had great fun with the fruit snacks. She spends as much time organizing them as she does eating them. If you can tell the far left corner of the photo, Winsty is locked behind the gate and the fruit snacks are being "sorted" right under his nose. Thanks so much Jeanine!
On Saturday we had a group of friends over for an early easter brunch and egg hunt. There were 7 kids ages 1month to 3 years. It was a great group and a lot of fun to watch. At this age they are just begining to grasp the egg hunt and are not competitive or greedy.
Lily picked up the first egg she found and popped it open and ate up the contents. She quickly realized she would be better to collect a bunch and eat later.
Everyone was pretty calm and polite. Little Colbie was the only boy in the bunch. He wasn't sure what to make of the eggs. I think he was more interested in our toys and didn't end up with one egg!
Gemma was feeling a bit weary. She had a lovely Easter dress which she promptly threw up on so she got another dress. Good thing we have about 20 from Lily at this age so she has plenty to choose from.
Our "grass" and slide were a big hit too. It was almost 70 degrees outside and we could not get enough of the great weather!!
Did I say no one was greedy? How did we end up with most of our eggs back? Luckily she didn't notice most of them disappeared later that day. Yes, I am THAT mom. Sorry but she doesn't eat half the candy inside anyway and she still had her easter basket to look forward to on Sunday.
Now this picture is going to be good for blackmail.
We even managed to squeeze in a walk in the park later that afternoon. When the sun is out and it is warm we don't waste time indoors.
We ended the day with burgers and fries. Lily ate her entire meal which is maybe a first for her. I guess besides the egg treats she really didn't eat much all day. She inhaled her dinner and quickly announced, "that was my favorite!" I thought so.
After all the excitement I wasn't sure she could handle much more. She slept in until almost 9am on easter morning. Of course Gemma had been up several times in the night and was ready to go down for a nap by 930. Right after breakfast we let Lily go "hunt" for her basket.
WOW! She was impressed with the loot. Cars flashlight, duplo guy, paints, Thomas easter train!
She also got Cars eggs with some graham cracker bunnies inside. Poor Winsty had to practice some serious restraint.
Don't forget her chocolate egg. She did drop a chunk which Winsty swiped so he didn't go without!
Gemma loves easter too. She didn't even get a basket this year. I figure she wouldn't mind. She already got a Peter Rabbit book and blanket from Jeanine and she gets teething biscuits now and then but what else could a girl really need?
We rounded out our Easter with roast chicken dinner made by dad. We did some painting and went for a walk around the lake. We relaxed on the couch and watched cars and snuggled. Oh, and Alex was doing some impromptu song making and he made some line up that rhymed with Gemma's poop. I have to say, I have never seen Lily laugh that hysterically. She kept repeating Gemma's poop. Seriously do poop jokes already get such laughs at three? I thought for sure we had until at least 5 before poop became the funniest thing ever.
I love the laughter. Can you see my beautiful tulips and pink plant behind? Makes the whole house seem like spring! I love it.

Look at me! Kat turns three!

We had the best time last weekend at Kat's third birthday party. She had a princess theme party and came dressed as her favorite, Little Mermaid. I am glad she did not fire Lily as her BFF since Lily has never even seen Little Mermaid. She is in a Cars rut and can't get enough of it. I have to say I like Cars too so it hasn't been too bad. I do love little mermaid though so we will have to add it to the list.
Best friends had so much fun playing together. Kat had another beautiful cake made by her Grandma.
We even got a family photo thanks to Ann's sister Julie. We never get family photos and this one turned out really well too.
I think Kat liked her present. She got tons of little mermaid gear and not one repeat! Who knew there was so much mermaid gear to be found?
Thanks for inviting us. We had a great time as usual. Now Lily is really excited about her birthday in a few months.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bedtime for Bonzo

After our New Years trip to LA and sleeping in all sorts of places Lily had a hard time getting back to her bed time routine at home. Then she had pneumonia and an ear infection in February and it was all out of whack. Before you know it we were fighting at bed time to get her to sleep and stay in bed.

Then she bit a hole in her last pacifier (we had a few in a drawer she didn't know about) and we decided to say good bye to it for good. After that she pretty much quit taking naps cold turkey. This was our girl who loved to nap and sleep and never put up any fuss for either. What were we to do? We tried everything. Door open a crack, sit by her door, lay in bed for story time. Nothing seemed to work.

Again, thanks to advice from our Pediatrician, we set limits and lo and behold Lily goes to bed easily with no complaint, we close the door, and not a peep. She talks to her owls, she jumps on the bed, whatever, but usually quiets down and falls asleep within thirty minutes.

Then....a couple nights ago we watched her on the video monitor, take off her pajamas and fall asleep in her diaper. Before we went to bed we went in and put them back on. She woke up in the morning sort of confused as to how her pajamas got back on and took them off again. That night she did it again. So the third night we got super clever (thanks to previous experience from Joel and Tonya when Charlie was this age) and we put her pajamas on backwards so she could not unzip them. We watched her on the camera sort of pat herself down in confusion. Where was the zipper? Harumph. Then tonight, after frisking herself in confusion again, we watched her on the camera. I guess she wanted to say a big "take this" parents and got her shoes out of her drawer, put them on over her pajamas, and promptly fell asleep. Please don't tell me we are going to have to take her whole dresser out of her room next! Sheesh!

Hip Hop...Hippity Hop

We have been spending our bedtime story time reading the same Easter stories over...and over. Once our imaginative Lily has something in her mind it is hard to deter her from it. With all the talk of Easter, bunnies, eggs, coloring eggs etc. there was no way she was going to wait another week to dye eggs. We managed to hold her off until we could boil the dozen eggs and then walk the lake while they cooled.
One minor flub by mom, I bought free range eggs, like usual, without thinking. They are brown. Whoops!
What do you think of our Spring banner and daffodils?

Poor Dad had a hard time managing the eggs, dye and an eager almost three year old! She was determined she could do it all herself. I could just see the dye staining my whole kitchen.
Gemma didn't want to miss out on the fun.
I didn't make Alex do the whole thing himself with Gemma on his lap, we just didn't want her to miss out on the fun, or the photos.
Gemma is our little baldy Easter egg, isn't she?
I think they turned out pretty cool with brown eggs!
Alex made a union jack egg! Sort of.
Look! I even found egg cups in the USA!
I think Lily had more fun playing with the dyed eggs and sorting them than she did coloring them.
Which one is your favorite?
She was mostly interested in pushing them around in her shopping cart and playing egg store.
We had to cut off the play when she started dropping them. She went to bed asking when she could have her eggs back. This is going to be a long week! What to do with a dozen hard boiled eggs that no one but me will eat and all Lily wants is to play with them?

Genius Gemma

Gemma has beat to her own drum since the minute she was born. She has made it very clear she was no Lily number two and that is just fine with us. What fun would it be to just do the same thing twice? One way Gemma made her own path is in sleeping habits. She decided early on she wanted to make sure we got to have frequent nightly visits. These nightly visits included a snuggle, a re-swaddle, a paci, and most often a milky snack. The only trouble being she also decided after taking a bottle a few times she was no longer interested in this form of eating. She only wanted it straight from the source. That and she wanted at a more and more frequent intervals. That little stinker!!

After our recent visit to our beloved Pediatrician we made a game plan on how to get our lovely Gemma to sleep through the night, and hopefully take a bottle. Sleep training is not for the faint of heart. It was rough going the first few nights but eventualy she got on the program.

We are hesitant to tout our good news as we are afraid to jinx it but we are happy to report that she is sleeping through the night!! She also was convinced to do this:
Maybe she just wanted he big sis to give it to her?
Or maybe she was waiting until she was old enough to do it herself?
Either way, we are jumping for joy!! We knew you had it in you Gemma and were smarter than all of us this whole time! I loved seeing so much of you, but now I love seeing you just during the day, and with a full nights rest.

**You know she is going to wake up all night tonight because I put this down in writing!**

Flower Child

In the PNW (Pacific Northwest) we talk a lot about the weather. It is a bit ridiculous really. I am more than guilty about complaining but one thing is for sure, when the sun shines, the city all but shuts down. The playgrounds are packed and everyone is out and in good spirits.  Yesterday we had a gorgeous Spring day and took every advantage.

Do you remember when you were little and thought these flowers were a huge treasure.
We used to string them together and make necklaces.
I think we spent two hours at the playground.
Always cool in her shades, she was the hippest kid around.
We spent most of the time playing in the dirt with our sand toys. Lily thinks sand and beach are one in the same so she was pretty upset we weren't going to the beach.
This sand cupcake kit is a lot of fun. All the kids around us were chomping at the bit to join in and play.
Yes Gemma was there too. She was either strapped to me in the baby carrier or cradled asleep in my arms. It is impossible to get a picture with her though because there was no where safe to put her down and take a photo and still watch Lily at the same time. She wasn't sure what to make of the bright sun since it has been gray skies for most of her life so far.