Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bedtime for Bonzo

After our New Years trip to LA and sleeping in all sorts of places Lily had a hard time getting back to her bed time routine at home. Then she had pneumonia and an ear infection in February and it was all out of whack. Before you know it we were fighting at bed time to get her to sleep and stay in bed.

Then she bit a hole in her last pacifier (we had a few in a drawer she didn't know about) and we decided to say good bye to it for good. After that she pretty much quit taking naps cold turkey. This was our girl who loved to nap and sleep and never put up any fuss for either. What were we to do? We tried everything. Door open a crack, sit by her door, lay in bed for story time. Nothing seemed to work.

Again, thanks to advice from our Pediatrician, we set limits and lo and behold Lily goes to bed easily with no complaint, we close the door, and not a peep. She talks to her owls, she jumps on the bed, whatever, but usually quiets down and falls asleep within thirty minutes.

Then....a couple nights ago we watched her on the video monitor, take off her pajamas and fall asleep in her diaper. Before we went to bed we went in and put them back on. She woke up in the morning sort of confused as to how her pajamas got back on and took them off again. That night she did it again. So the third night we got super clever (thanks to previous experience from Joel and Tonya when Charlie was this age) and we put her pajamas on backwards so she could not unzip them. We watched her on the camera sort of pat herself down in confusion. Where was the zipper? Harumph. Then tonight, after frisking herself in confusion again, we watched her on the camera. I guess she wanted to say a big "take this" parents and got her shoes out of her drawer, put them on over her pajamas, and promptly fell asleep. Please don't tell me we are going to have to take her whole dresser out of her room next! Sheesh!

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  1. Ha ha! Jokes on you mama! This could get real interesting!