Saturday, April 9, 2011

Genius Gemma

Gemma has beat to her own drum since the minute she was born. She has made it very clear she was no Lily number two and that is just fine with us. What fun would it be to just do the same thing twice? One way Gemma made her own path is in sleeping habits. She decided early on she wanted to make sure we got to have frequent nightly visits. These nightly visits included a snuggle, a re-swaddle, a paci, and most often a milky snack. The only trouble being she also decided after taking a bottle a few times she was no longer interested in this form of eating. She only wanted it straight from the source. That and she wanted at a more and more frequent intervals. That little stinker!!

After our recent visit to our beloved Pediatrician we made a game plan on how to get our lovely Gemma to sleep through the night, and hopefully take a bottle. Sleep training is not for the faint of heart. It was rough going the first few nights but eventualy she got on the program.

We are hesitant to tout our good news as we are afraid to jinx it but we are happy to report that she is sleeping through the night!! She also was convinced to do this:
Maybe she just wanted he big sis to give it to her?
Or maybe she was waiting until she was old enough to do it herself?
Either way, we are jumping for joy!! We knew you had it in you Gemma and were smarter than all of us this whole time! I loved seeing so much of you, but now I love seeing you just during the day, and with a full nights rest.

**You know she is going to wake up all night tonight because I put this down in writing!**

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