Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hip Hop...Hippity Hop

We have been spending our bedtime story time reading the same Easter stories over...and over. Once our imaginative Lily has something in her mind it is hard to deter her from it. With all the talk of Easter, bunnies, eggs, coloring eggs etc. there was no way she was going to wait another week to dye eggs. We managed to hold her off until we could boil the dozen eggs and then walk the lake while they cooled.
One minor flub by mom, I bought free range eggs, like usual, without thinking. They are brown. Whoops!
What do you think of our Spring banner and daffodils?

Poor Dad had a hard time managing the eggs, dye and an eager almost three year old! She was determined she could do it all herself. I could just see the dye staining my whole kitchen.
Gemma didn't want to miss out on the fun.
I didn't make Alex do the whole thing himself with Gemma on his lap, we just didn't want her to miss out on the fun, or the photos.
Gemma is our little baldy Easter egg, isn't she?
I think they turned out pretty cool with brown eggs!
Alex made a union jack egg! Sort of.
Look! I even found egg cups in the USA!
I think Lily had more fun playing with the dyed eggs and sorting them than she did coloring them.
Which one is your favorite?
She was mostly interested in pushing them around in her shopping cart and playing egg store.
We had to cut off the play when she started dropping them. She went to bed asking when she could have her eggs back. This is going to be a long week! What to do with a dozen hard boiled eggs that no one but me will eat and all Lily wants is to play with them?


  1. The brown eggs colored fantastic!!!! I think I will get brown eggs this year, they look so cool. And...we of course are glad Lily still loves her shopping cart:)

  2. Get her some plastic eggs to play with. Remember when all Owen wanted us to do was hide them so he could find them... oh what fun!