Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

We have enjoyed so many Easter festivities that for once I think I am really ready for the holiday to be over. Don't get me wrong. I really love easter, but with the eggs, both real and plastic, being a hit with Lily AND the dog, I am about done.
We received an Easter package from Grandma Nini last week that was a big hit. Lily played with the puzzle over and over and had great fun with the fruit snacks. She spends as much time organizing them as she does eating them. If you can tell the far left corner of the photo, Winsty is locked behind the gate and the fruit snacks are being "sorted" right under his nose. Thanks so much Jeanine!
On Saturday we had a group of friends over for an early easter brunch and egg hunt. There were 7 kids ages 1month to 3 years. It was a great group and a lot of fun to watch. At this age they are just begining to grasp the egg hunt and are not competitive or greedy.
Lily picked up the first egg she found and popped it open and ate up the contents. She quickly realized she would be better to collect a bunch and eat later.
Everyone was pretty calm and polite. Little Colbie was the only boy in the bunch. He wasn't sure what to make of the eggs. I think he was more interested in our toys and didn't end up with one egg!
Gemma was feeling a bit weary. She had a lovely Easter dress which she promptly threw up on so she got another dress. Good thing we have about 20 from Lily at this age so she has plenty to choose from.
Our "grass" and slide were a big hit too. It was almost 70 degrees outside and we could not get enough of the great weather!!
Did I say no one was greedy? How did we end up with most of our eggs back? Luckily she didn't notice most of them disappeared later that day. Yes, I am THAT mom. Sorry but she doesn't eat half the candy inside anyway and she still had her easter basket to look forward to on Sunday.
Now this picture is going to be good for blackmail.
We even managed to squeeze in a walk in the park later that afternoon. When the sun is out and it is warm we don't waste time indoors.
We ended the day with burgers and fries. Lily ate her entire meal which is maybe a first for her. I guess besides the egg treats she really didn't eat much all day. She inhaled her dinner and quickly announced, "that was my favorite!" I thought so.
After all the excitement I wasn't sure she could handle much more. She slept in until almost 9am on easter morning. Of course Gemma had been up several times in the night and was ready to go down for a nap by 930. Right after breakfast we let Lily go "hunt" for her basket.
WOW! She was impressed with the loot. Cars flashlight, duplo guy, paints, Thomas easter train!
She also got Cars eggs with some graham cracker bunnies inside. Poor Winsty had to practice some serious restraint.
Don't forget her chocolate egg. She did drop a chunk which Winsty swiped so he didn't go without!
Gemma loves easter too. She didn't even get a basket this year. I figure she wouldn't mind. She already got a Peter Rabbit book and blanket from Jeanine and she gets teething biscuits now and then but what else could a girl really need?
We rounded out our Easter with roast chicken dinner made by dad. We did some painting and went for a walk around the lake. We relaxed on the couch and watched cars and snuggled. Oh, and Alex was doing some impromptu song making and he made some line up that rhymed with Gemma's poop. I have to say, I have never seen Lily laugh that hysterically. She kept repeating Gemma's poop. Seriously do poop jokes already get such laughs at three? I thought for sure we had until at least 5 before poop became the funniest thing ever.
I love the laughter. Can you see my beautiful tulips and pink plant behind? Makes the whole house seem like spring! I love it.

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  1. Love Lily's bangs, Love that she has a friend named Colbie (and it's spelled the same, even if he is a boy:)), and LOVE the best friend picture of Lily and Kat!!!