Sunday, July 3, 2011

Endless Birthday Fun

One of the joys of having your birthday right in the middle of a big chaotic move is everyone is home in the middle of the week to celebrate on your actual birthday. I think Alex could get used to this no work in the summer thing, if only he hadn't gotten a job so quickly! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

We saved some of Lily's presents for her actual birthday and after a breakfast for a queen (M&M pancakes of course) she opened more gifts!
What a lucky girl! She has been asking for a net and butterfly catching kit for a while now. After playing with Grampy Englands nets in his pond she knew exactly what she wanted. No pond here though. We are busy working on spiders and bugs.
What a haul! Thomas trains, puzzles, books, and legos too! Gemma can't wait to get her gums on some of these.
Gopgop came over for the day and we all went to a small water park in a nearby town. We happened upon it a few days earlier and it looked so much fun we couldn't resist. It is more like a huge splash pad.
Lily has no fear of water so she hopped right in. She wanted dad to go down the slides with her but grown ups aren't allowed.
We took Gemma to the little splash pad and she loved it.
Don't forget a couple of turns around the lazy river.
What a fun day. Our big three year old is really no longer a baby, or a toddler! She has been coming up with some funny things lately. One day I was looking for my keys and I asked her if she knew where they were. She said, "Alex has them". We didn't even realize she knew we had names other than mom and dad. We asked her who Alex was and she said Daddy. Then we asked her what Mommy's name was and she said, Mommy of course!
She has finally learned how to say "L" so after calling herself Yiyi for over a year she is now saying Lily. All the funny little words she used to get wrong that were so cute are gone missing too. She still says slippity instead of slippery and we have all started saying it that way.
Just slow down a little bit with the growing up though. It is all too fast and no number of pictures or stories will really capture it all.

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  1. I love these girls! I am such a bad auntie Boo and her present shall arrive soon and I will be more on the ball from now on! Love the water park pictures and the little antidotes. Lily with a L calling Alex is classic. dang they do grow up fast.