Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting Settled

After the stress of packing, loading, driving, unloading, we were all in need of some down time and R&R. I have to say, I think perhaps the whole month of June took the biggest toll in this guy.
He is always nervous when we pack suitcases for a trip. After packing the house, then suitcases for England, then the long drive. This guy was beat. He was a real pain on the drive down because he couldn't ride in the truck with Alex, and we didn't have room to keep him crated in the car, so he got to ride in the front passenger seat. You would think he would love it, but he didn't sit down, ever. Then he proceeded to bark of whine at the hotel. Seriously dog? You decide to have some weird lump on your eye the week before we move, require and expensive surgery to remove it, and now you are a high maintenance traveler? Once we arrived in Carp and unpacked his stuff he promptly collapsed on the floor and fell into a deep snore inducing sleep.

Our home away from home. 
The rest of us have wasted no time in taking in the sun and R&R. I think Gemma is getting used to her new sunny weather wardrobe quite nicely.
Lily couldn't get in the pool fast enough. I think we have either been in the pool or ocean every day since we arrived.
One day we even went to the beach twice!
We have had some of the famed "June gloom" but at least half the days have been full sun, or at least sun by noon.
The beach is busier than we have ever seen it.
We could get used to this!

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  1. wow the place is gorgeous. did not picture it that fancy looking. love Winsty passed out. poor hound.
    okay the girls are so English in their bonnets. I love the white one on Gemmou. seriously Sara they are so beautiful. just so much love for these girls. miss the beach too.