Sunday, July 3, 2011

Moving Day

Talk about a busy month! June 2011 will go down in our family as quite possibly the busiest month ever! Two weeks to the day of returning home from our England trip, the moving truck was picked up, loaded, and we headed south to California.

After many quotes and shopping around we decided to rent a penske truck and have movers load it, Alex drive it, and I would drive the car with my mom and the girls. We didn't really know what size truck to get but you would rather have too big than too small so we got the biggest one you can rent and drive yourself.
When Alex rolled up with it that morning I thought it was huge and going to be way too big. Then the movers showed up. Three guys who do this day in and day out. They took a look through all our stuff in the house, garage, and shed, and said, "start thinking about what you would leave behind, because it is going to be tight." Awesome. Just what you want to hear on an already stressful day.
Mom watched the girls and kept them entertained for the 3 1/2 hours it took to load the truck. I ran around to buy more packing tape, rent more furniture blankets, and Alex surveyed the loading.

So bizarre to see your house empty again one month shy of five years after we bought it.
In the end, the movers did a great job and ALMOST everything fit! We only left behind some iron shelves from the garage and a few old things.
It was a "Peterson" style move. The truck was packed to the very end and had to be tied back to close. We finished up the last bits ourselves since the movers were already late for their next job.

We left Seattle around 3:30 PM for our first stop, Portland, to see our cousins for the night. Too bad we hit tons of traffic and didn't arrive until 8:30 PM! Poor Alex got a taste of what was to come for two more long days of driving an super heavy giant moving truck. It was a rough and stressful ride. I think it would take a severe case of amnesia to get him to drive that thing again. We had a pretty uneventful drive down through Oregon and California. We stayed overnight near Sacramento and then arrived in Simi Valley on Saturday.

Sunday morning we hopped in the car for one short jaunt to Carpinteria to unload into the garage at the Davis beach condo. Everything fit inside quite easily and we had Eric, Rach, Dan, and Jeanine meet us there to help! Ahhh family to the rescue, no movers this time. Mom made us all a big lunch and we even had a walk around town and iced coffee to relax in our "new town".

Lily took no time at all to make herself at home.
The girls play area at the condo was a sight for sore eyes. The first three days we were here she almost refused to step foot in a car. She played almost non stop from early morning until bed time. She barely stopped to eat. I guess you could say she had enough of living surrounded by boxes and having her toys slowly packed away from under her.
She still sometimes asks when we are going "home". It is hard to know what she understands at this point. She usually wants to go home when she is over tired or hurt herself. We tell her the "beach house" as we are calling it, is our new home for a little while but she says, no it is not, I want Lily's house. Talk about breaking your heart! Honestly though she loves it here and probably would beg to come back the minute we left. She does miss her cousins, and Seattle friends and we have already had a skyped several times.

We are all getting slowly adjusted. The girls are sharing a room which has been difficult at times but they are handling it really well.

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  1. Lily asking when you are going home IS really heartbreaking but glad she is adjusting.
    love the picture of grandma and the girls. your mom looks great. glad she was there. I like you having help for a change.