Sunday, July 3, 2011

Three is the way to be!

Not to be missed in the very busy month of June was Lily's third birthday. Thank goodness, Grandma P (Gopgop) volunteered to throw Lily a birthday party. There was no way we could have pulled it together one week after moving. It was an ice cream theme pool party and the weather was just perfect for both!
It started off a little bit sad as there were plenty of grown ups but none of the kids had arrived!
Lily didn't seem to mind. She sat in the shade and played ponies for an hour. Uncle E and Auntie Rach helped decorate and play balloons. Too bad mom didn't plan to well ahead and pre-order helium balloons. She couldn't figure out why the balloons didn't fly.
Then hurray! Carsen showed up to save the day and even humored the birthday girl by playing ponies.
By now it was getting warm so we all decided to hit the pool.
Gemma had her first float in a pool. She loved it. She was so cool and relaxed she looked like she was going to fall asleep.
Mommies and their "babies", not so baby anymore!
Gemma can't wait for her turn to have a party.
After all that swimming we need some ice cream and cake!
I made ice cream cone cupcakes for Lily and an ice cream sunday bar! Lots of sprinkles and M&M's for toppings.
This was the first year she had candles and blew them out. It was a bit too risky for a one year old, and at two she was afraid of the candles. She did great this year. She was a bit shy at first with the singing but ended up loving it and blew out all three candles.
She and Carsen approved of the dessert.
They even liked it so much they had to smooch! Sorry Charlie, Lily can't seem to keep her hands off the cute boys!
After cake, it is time for presents!
She really got the whole birthday thing this year and was so excited to open presents and play with all the toys and gifts.

Gemma got to have some great grandma snuggles too. It was such a nice relaxing day! We don't want to wait a whole year to do it again!

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  1. Cute. Love the cone cupcakes. dang you are sooo Martha. Now is Carsen Robin's son? he is adorable.
    I am with Lils, M and M;s are my fav too.