Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wild (almost) ones

Can you believe in a month Gemma will be ONE!! Yikes! How did that happen? We went to the Santa Barbara zoo yesterday and tried to get some photos of the wild ones. Not the animals in the cages, my animals.
They have a big grass hill in the play area to slide down. The first time you learn the hard way you need to bring your own piece of cardboard. I think Lily could spend the whole time here and skip the animals.
You can see her two bottom teeth here. She is a mover and a shaker so it is nearly impossible to get a photo. She may or may not have rolled down the big grass hill while I was trying to get a photo. Don't judge, it isn't easy with two on the move.
We stayed for the dinosaur show which was super corny. Everyone was worn out by then.
As you can see someone had a big appetite for dinner. Who knew lasagna would be such a big hit? We will work on table manners later. I'll let them be "wild" for a little longer. Gemma's "hair" color matches the lasagna. She does have a good layer of red peach fuzz. Looks like she might get enough to comb by her second birthday at this rate. 


In order to prepare our little surf girls for the real Hawaii waves we need them to be comfortable riding the tunnels.
Once you can crawl the training begins. Big sisters are key in the training.
They show you how it is done and then give a gentle shove.
Aw this is nothing. Bring on the real waves mom, I have no fear.

Since learning to crawl, G has progressed in one week's time to pulling herself up on furniture, walking between furniture holding on with one hand, climbing the fireplace hearth and falling off, and this morning mastered the stairs. Guess it is time to baby proof. We had it easy with Lily, she was stationary until one and then ever so polite, did not put things in her mouth, did not take risks. The second one seems to be the dare devil.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

On the move

Are you tired of hearing about our move yet? Well this is not about our move to California. This is Gemma on the move!! She started crawling on her 10 month birthday. She was eager to keep up with her sister. I am going to have to actually baby proof with this one, she is much more adventurous than Lily was at this age. She also sprouted her first tooth the fifth of July. Here we thought she was just crabby from a "holiday hang over". She quickly followed up with her second tooth a few days later, both on the bottom. If I ever get her to slow down I will try to take a picture.  She is also saying "dada" to Alex (although she says it all the time when he is not home). She says "nana" as well and I SWEAR to you she says it when you get her a banana. She does say it other times but she always says it unprompted when we get a banana out. Gifted, I tell you. 

Our little fire crackers

Did you know we celebrate the Fourth of July in August now? It's the double dip recession. Well, that is my excuse for being over a month late with this post. 
We spent the morning of the fourth in the nearby town of Ojai. We heard about their parade and thought we would check it out. Alex has never experienced a fourth of July parade. This one was said to be like an old small town affair, it didn't disappoint. 
We got there about 30 minutes early to get a spot. Some people leave their chairs on the parade route for days in advance. We are not that hard core I guess. We only brought one chair as well which left one of us making do with the stroller. We will be old pros by next year.
Our first little fire cracker all decked out. 
Nothing like proudly displaying your red white and blue gear! 

I offered to buy Alex this for his commuter car. I don't think it is too over the top, do you?
Lot's of native American tribes doing traditional dances, beautiful.
It's not the fourth without the hare krishna's is it? A real peaceful happy group. I don't think I am going to join though. 
We spent the afternoon at Eric and Rach's house having a BBQ and watching the local fireworks. It was a great show and we just walked over a couple of blocks. Lily got to stay up for her first show.
I'm not sure Lily had any clue what was going on. She liked the neighborhood guys lighting their illegal fireworks. Uncle E even had some. I think she like the "snake poop" ones best. She wasn't even afraid to do a sparkler.