Thursday, August 11, 2011

On the move

Are you tired of hearing about our move yet? Well this is not about our move to California. This is Gemma on the move!! She started crawling on her 10 month birthday. She was eager to keep up with her sister. I am going to have to actually baby proof with this one, she is much more adventurous than Lily was at this age. She also sprouted her first tooth the fifth of July. Here we thought she was just crabby from a "holiday hang over". She quickly followed up with her second tooth a few days later, both on the bottom. If I ever get her to slow down I will try to take a picture.  She is also saying "dada" to Alex (although she says it all the time when he is not home). She says "nana" as well and I SWEAR to you she says it when you get her a banana. She does say it other times but she always says it unprompted when we get a banana out. Gifted, I tell you. 


  1. awww. love this made my day. okay wasnt Lils like 14 mos when she got her first tooth?

    btw, did your mom send me something. got a note on my door that I have a package from janis peterson. wont be able to pick up til monday. working.

  2. just watched again. such a treat to hear you and Lils voice in the background , to see Gem and Winsty!!!