Wednesday, August 24, 2011


In order to prepare our little surf girls for the real Hawaii waves we need them to be comfortable riding the tunnels.
Once you can crawl the training begins. Big sisters are key in the training.
They show you how it is done and then give a gentle shove.
Aw this is nothing. Bring on the real waves mom, I have no fear.

Since learning to crawl, G has progressed in one week's time to pulling herself up on furniture, walking between furniture holding on with one hand, climbing the fireplace hearth and falling off, and this morning mastered the stairs. Guess it is time to baby proof. We had it easy with Lily, she was stationary until one and then ever so polite, did not put things in her mouth, did not take risks. The second one seems to be the dare devil.

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  1. I just bought one of those tunnels at a "day care closing sale" for $2!!! Am excited for Colbie to be able to go through it, but am enjoying the continued stationary-ness of my child. Go Gemma Go!!!!