Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wild (almost) ones

Can you believe in a month Gemma will be ONE!! Yikes! How did that happen? We went to the Santa Barbara zoo yesterday and tried to get some photos of the wild ones. Not the animals in the cages, my animals.
They have a big grass hill in the play area to slide down. The first time you learn the hard way you need to bring your own piece of cardboard. I think Lily could spend the whole time here and skip the animals.
You can see her two bottom teeth here. She is a mover and a shaker so it is nearly impossible to get a photo. She may or may not have rolled down the big grass hill while I was trying to get a photo. Don't judge, it isn't easy with two on the move.
We stayed for the dinosaur show which was super corny. Everyone was worn out by then.
As you can see someone had a big appetite for dinner. Who knew lasagna would be such a big hit? We will work on table manners later. I'll let them be "wild" for a little longer. Gemma's "hair" color matches the lasagna. She does have a good layer of red peach fuzz. Looks like she might get enough to comb by her second birthday at this rate. 

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  1. Gemma is starting to look a little more like her big sis these days. The picture of Lily makes me sad because she looks like such a big girl, not the tiny little one that I last saw.