Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Lady Bug Turns One

How could it be a year already? Our littlest girl has grown so fast and developed so much personality! She lives up to her name and is truly a "Gem" but her nickname is "Tinker" and not after Tinker bell, after "stinker." Never a dull moment with this one! 

We had a nice little birthday party for Gemma this Saturday, one week before her actual birthday because we will be in Hawaii! Rough life spending your first birthday in Hawaii right?

I took the lady bug theme and ran with it, much to the torture of the rest of my family. I couldn't help myself though. You only turn one once! I may have had a tinge of second child guilt as well. Lily had birthday parties every year so far and I couldn't really poop out now when it is Gemma's turn. Besides, kids parties are so much more fun to plan and decorate. I think Gemma knew it was a special day for her. She is close to walking but because she can crawl so quickly she usually reverts to that.
Nearly impossible to get the sisters to pose together and hold still. Lily wore her lady bug girl costume for the occasion.
We started out the party with tattoos.
I have a feeling Gemma really liked her tattoo. I have a sneaking suspicion this may not be her last.
Gemma's favorite thing is probably water, of any kind. Most often the dogs water bowl, I know, ew. She loves the water table though and I guess since it was so warm and sunny Uncle E thought she should have a bit if a dip.
Robbin stole Nico for a pose. He is such a doll, 5 months old and so sweet. I miss the days when they would hold still and you could take as many photos as you liked!
Time for lunch. Yes, I made lady bug shaped sandwiches for the kids. I think the candy eyes were the biggest hit.
Of course, it's not a party without cupcakes! I made red velvet and vanilla bean decorated with candy lady bugs.
Gemma loved the attention during "Happy Birthday". We didn't put the candle too close because this girl would grab right for it. Carsen and Lily were very helpful through the whole thing and knew just how to blow out the candle.
Big sister Lily LOVED singing Happy Birthday to Gemma and giving her some cupcake eating pointers. I think Gemma appreciated the help from an experienced frosting eater.
Can you say sugar coma? She didn't actually eat much of it, just made a huge mess. We thought for sure she would wolf it down. I mean, it's not exactly if the second kid hasn't already tasted cake and frosting. I guess given a whole one to do as she pleased it was a bit overwhelming.
Everyone else seemed to like them.
Right on to the presents. The nap window was closing so we had to get the gifts opened while the birthday girl was awake. Not like she was needed really, she had a lot of helpers. All the kids were so good and not one argument or tear! Good job parents!

As usual, Uncle E has to pick out the whackiest card at the drug store (it was terribly appropriate as well, a baby picking her nose). He also brought a stuffed animal black bat (think Halloween aisle) which has become the gift that Lily has the hardest time remembering does not belong to her. Luckily Gemma is so generous and lets Lily sleep with "swoops."
Moving outside we gave each of the kids a small bug container as a party favor and then we released a container of live lady bugs and let the kids hold them and catch them. It was a big hit with little ones and big ones.
Did you know you could buy a jar of live lady bugs at the do it yourself center for $6? They are kept in a fridge. They are supposed to eat the aphids in your garden. We will see how G&G Peterson's garden looks in a couple weeks.
Lily was pretty impressed. She and Grandma England caught a few.
Sofia was the first one in there and not afraid at all. She showed all the boys how it should be done!
Even Gemma liked the lady bugs, although he little pincher fingers nearly squished a few. She is quite good and showing she is 1 year old as well.
Time to cool off after all that hard work. We sat in the yard and watched all the kids run around. Gemma said her thank you's and good nights and went off to nap.
What a great birthday party! Thanks everyone for all the fun. I can't promise we will do it all again next year but I say that every year and then just can't help myself. I mean, you only have a birthday once a  year right?

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  1. I love that you are predicting G. to have tattoos in the future! Also...who is Niko?