Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn delights

Nothing like the changing of the leaves to get you in the mood for Fall. The air is crisp, the breeze blows. Apples are in season, we pull out the sweaters and wellies. Oh wait. Scratch that. That was Seattle Autumn. This is what we have been doing this Fall at Grandma's house.
The water table has been out and in good use since summer. It has been in the mid 80's here and hardly Fall weather at all. I have to admit, we do miss the seasons already. It just doesn't feel like Fall at all. We keep washing the table out and meaning to put it away. Every afternoon or evening (and sometimes in the morning too) a little girl will find her way out to the backyard and before you know it the water table is being filled and in use. They never tire of it and we get a few minutes to sit in the sunshine, drink coffee, and supervise.
This water baby would play out here all day into the darkness if we let her.
You see, water is ever so funny!
I think I need to invent a water table for the car to make our drives a little more pleasant!

We are headed to the pumpkin patch tomorrow to get some Fall flavor. I am not sure we will feel the Autumn spirit in our shorts and Tshirts. Maybe if we just wear orange and drink apple cider it will help?

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  1. In case you were jealous of our fall weather, it's currently 45 degrees in Madison.

    The second of the three of Gemma totally looks like Lily! I feel like the girls are looking a little more alike all of the time.