Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dress Rehearsal

We headed up to Paso Robles last weekend to celebrate the much anticipated wedding of the decade. I say decade because the happy couple dated for nearly a decade before marrying!!! We had a wonderful time and kicked off the weekend with a rehearsal and dinner.
Gemma was "junior  flower girl." I say this because, while she is taking steps, there was no way this kid was going to make it down the aisle as a flower girl. She settled for a matching dress and inclusion in the photos. By the way, she has decided not to commit to an eye color. She has cameleon eyes. They changed from blue, to hazel, to green depending on the day. In this green dress they were most certainly green that day.
Those McCluskey's left no detail to chance and made so many special home made touches. They made "fascinators" for all the ladies to wear in their hair for the rehearsal.
You can see I took my role as "co-matron of honor" very seriously. No doubt I was checking the skies for troublesome birds. Stephanie (my co-matron of honor in crime) got pooped on by a bird during the actual wedding ceremony. No one noticed though.
The cutest wedding party members (don't tell the bride and groom). Owen was the junior groomsman and led the flower girls down the aisle like a champ. They all did so great!
Trying to steal the show! She even got a baby fascinator!
Let's get the show on the road.
The rehearsal dinner was at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ. It was just our speed, casual, good food, and plenty of entertainment.
Lily chugged down a boot of milk!
Now for the entertainment!! A mechanical bull! Joel did a pretty good job, going first and getting it warmed up.
A good ride, but the bull won in the end.
Trevor the "Pope" gave it a go. He had God on his side but did not tame the beast.
The groom was confident, but he too had to fall.
Melissa showed that the ladies were not afraid to try. Not successful though.
Keith was nearly victorious, staying on the longest before succumbing to the bull.

The only one to tame the bull was the littlest member of the group. That bull didn't budge an inch with her on it's back. Must have been the pink balloon scared him into submission. Good job Lily!!! She was so serious and really wanted to have a go at it!
We had a big day ahead so off to bed for the wedding party.

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