Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh Hi, from Ojai

We didn't get to the pumpkin patch as early as we usually do this year. It has something to do with the fact we are still "homeless" and living with family, and we didn't have our usual pumpkin patch we go to every year. We did a bit of searching and decided to venture up to Ojai. They had a great 4th July parade and had a pumpkin patch advertised. It made for a nice afternoon out.
Lily said her favorite thing was the "maze, where you find yourself." I like her interpretation of it. I sure wish I could walk through the hay bales and find myself. It was a pretty pathetic maze at that. Not really much of a challenge for even a three year old.
The sisties waiting to ride the tractor pulled hay ride. It was super hot out there, in the 80's in the shade.
They climbed the hay pyramid.
Posed for a photo in the cut out. Is it just a coincidence that Lily was the cat, Alex the witch, and Gemma the devil?
Lily wanted one pumpkin that is the biggest in the whole wide world, and one that was smallest in the whole wide world.
The hay ride was pretty good. They have haunted hay rides at night and tell ghost stories.
We found the best one!!
We settled on one small pumpkin for a small girl and one really small pumpkin for a really small girl. We were feeling hot, tired, and cheap this year!
Not bad for a buck each! Now we have to decide if we are going to carve them.

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  1. Look at Lily's rosy cheeks in the last picture! How sweet is she?!?!?

    If you can actually "find yourself" in the hay maze, we may have to make a stop back out there when we come next week.