Monday, October 10, 2011

Spirit of Aloha!

As Lily likes to say, we took an airplane to "Hawaii on Kauai" with G&G England for a week of fun and sun! Let's just say we had a ton of fun and plenty of sun.

The flight over was pretty smooth and easy (thanks to a Benadryl nap for Gemma). We landed and made our way to our time share in Poipu. Of course everyone was exhausted and jet lagged but that didn't stop us from testing out the pool right away. We thought since we were all so worn out that the jet lag would be over. To our dismay, the little ones decided to stay on LA time and wake at 4AM asking to go in the pool again!

We waited until the sun was rising and then ventured out for a walk. Lily collected mama's favorite flower, plumeria.
We watched the Honu's swim in the sea right by the shore. That never gets old.
We posed for lots of pictures. Of course we wandered over to the Hyatt to see how the luckiest people get to vacation. It didn't take long to declare our forever love for Hawaiian vacations.
Back to the Point at Poipu we took some pictures on the sculptures. I have a buried somewhere photo of Owen and I on one of these sculptures when he was around Lily's age.
By 8AM it was hot and we had been up for 4 hours so why not hit the pool?
Ahhh this is the good life!
We did a lot of relaxing, playing, made time to do some coloring.
We hiked out to the point and watched the sunset one evening.
Lily thinks she knows all about sunsets now.
We did manage to drag ourselves away from our pool, beach, pool, beach routine one day to head to town for lunch.
I want one of these for our new house!
Grampy sported a cool new hat. It says "old guys rule" on the band!
It was perfect weather the whole week and we loved wearing all our beach clothes.
We also celebrated a very special day on Kauai. Gemma turned one!! We had M&M pancakes for breakfast. I think this is why Lily was especially thankful for her sister.
Grandma and Grandpa surprised us that morning by dressing the girls like locals.
Mom, does this hula gear make my butt look big?
Then we spent the day at Poipu beach, one of the best beaches in the whole wide world folks!
No complaints from the birthday girl. She LOVES the water and beach. She has finally learned that sand is not entirely palatable.
She loves to make it a "point" to show off her new age!
I think she held onto that little trowel for the whole week.
Sister Roxy girl had a fantastic time as well.
On our last evening we went out to a nice meal at plantation gardens. It was wonderful and we are so sad our vacation is over but it wont be our last visit. Thanks G&G for playing so much with the girls and falling asleep on the couch in the evenings so we could go out and enjoy nice dinners out! 

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  1. Looks so fun!!! Glad you guys had a great trip.

    Love the:
    hulu action
    m&m pancakes :)
    and did you get a Maclaren stroller?