Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wedding PARTY!

On to the big day! We all waited so long for this happy day to arrive, it didn't disappoint! It may have been a bit windy to start with but I think it gave a real professional photo shoot look to the pics.
Grandma gets the littlest flower girls ready to pose!
I think it is safe to say the happy couple were ready to get the party started!!!

The beautiful McCluskey family. They sure know how to throw a good party! No they are not for hire, it is a labor of love!
Some good looking guys!
This little flower girl started to wilt before the pre-ceremony photos were even over. She was pooped, cold, and hungry and started asking if we could go home now. Luckily we came prepared with a sweater and some vanilla gold fish. Nothing a little bribery can't cure.
My sweetest little girls, and beautiful flower girl Charlie in the background.
Our best shot out of many tries for a family photo!

I wish I had more photos of the event to share but being in the wedding and having two little ones the camera got put away and never made it out again that night. I can tell you it was a beautiful wedding and fabulous party. So good, that both girls who never sleep anywhere but in bed, were out cold in the stroller and in our arms!! We can't wait to see more of the photographers shots of the beautiful day.

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