Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy-O

We celebrated sweet daddy-o's birthday last week and man it was a good one! Well, the weather was awesome and we went to our favorite outdoor kid friendly place so it was great!
Lily and Gemmy were excited for daddy's birthday because they just love a good party!
When dad got home from work they helped him open presents. They also helped wrap them so before he opened each one Lily would make a "guess" as to what was inside. Wow! She got them all correct! What a good psychic! Hope he didn't want to be surprised. He hardly got to see them before they were snatched out of his hands.
Gemma confiscated his sweet treats! Biscuits from England.
We went to the Padaro Grill and had some beers while the girls played in the sand pit.
Gemma has a thing for chairs these days, climbing them that is.
She was wearing her rugby shirt dress so G&G England thought it was pretty funny. I doubt she will grow up to be a professional rugby player though.
The toy bucket provides entertainment too!
Back at home for dessert. We decorated the place to surprise dad. Lily loved it and the next morning proclaimed, "I love the birthday kitchen."
Dad wanted chocolate mousse but at the last minute I could not track down pasteurized eggs and didn't feel comfortable feeding the kiddies raw egg so we switched to home made chocolate pudding in edible chocolate cups. Lily had fun making the chocolate cups because you melt chocolate and dip inflated (with air) water balloons in it and let them harden. We only had one messy explosion!
It was plate licking good!

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