Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Home sweet home

We FINALLY found a new home and closed escrow!!! Here you have it folks, our new home.
We just got the keys and are working on doing some little home improvements before moving in.
Here is the formal living room you see after you walk in the front door. 
To the right of the front door is the kitchen. 
The kitchen leads you into the dining room. 
The dining and kitchen are really one big room.
Off the dining room/kitchen is the giant family room. It is not really that giant but has some serious pine ceilings.
We have a Lily room.
A Gemma room. Yes, you heard it. The girls get their own rooms and we are pretty excited. I am not sure they share the same excitement, now that is. They will thank us when they are teens.
We have a really nice back yard. It has a grassy area, BBQ area, gas fire pit, and when you turn the other way you see this.
Or this.
It looks really great at sunset and night time too!! What a great place to hang out and entertain.
We can't wait to move in and live here. I think our whole family is pretty excited about that too. Now they can come to our house to hang out. I will post some before and after shots when we are all finished and moved in.


  1. Now that the view out of my back window is snow, I can't seem to get your view out of my head! Love love love it, and have pictures to send you.

  2. congrats! Looks amazing. Have fun!

  3. Congrats. Looks amazing....can't wait to come and visit!

  4. I wish I could come to visit! What an awesome view. I can't wait to see the after shots! Congrats!