Friday, November 4, 2011

Quack or treat

Our Halloween festivities started earlier in the week with our pumpkin carving. Lily dictated the design and dad and Grampy did the work. Lily was supposed to help scrape the "guts" out but she does not like slimy things.
Gutted and ready to carve. Good thing Grampy had a sharp saw!
The finished product! Pretty cute.
On the big day we headed over to Uncle E and Auntie Rach's house to trick or treat. They have a sweet neighborhood for trick or treating. Too bad they were on their honeymoon so they missed out on the cutest little ones this year!
Lily decided she wanted to be a duck after seeing the ducks at the park one day. She also determined her sister should be a baby duck too. We had no trouble getting Gemma a costume but could not find one anywhere for Lily. We went to Michaels and picked up some sweet supplies to  make our own duck costume. Not bad huh? We glued feathers on a plain t-shirt, cinched it at the waist with elastic and stuffed it full. We found a great hat, and made duck feet out of foam.  She decided when people answered the door she should say, "quack or treat?"
Baby duck was cute enough to eat! Good thing I don't like roast duck.
We walked the loop around the neighborhood. I am not biased at all but they were the cutest ones out there. Both sets of grandparents stayed back home to answer the door and hand out candy. We also took a poll of each costume to decide the best one.  Some kids didn't even have a costume just a plastic bag for candy. We asked what they were supposed to be and they said, nothin'. My favorite was a dad with a blonde mullet wig who was Joe Dirt. Classy.
Some houses in their neighborhood go all out!! Smoke machines, coffins, scary movies on projectors and everything!
Check out all the loot. Lily was super excited someone gave her a "tiny cupcake." It was actually a miniature reese's peanut butter cup but she has never had one so thought it was a mini cupcake. She was not disappointed though! She then had a lollipop. She doesn't know any of the candy by sight, only M&M's so she didn't always choose very well when given the choice. I guess we should start to teach her candy wrappers so she can pick better ones next year.
Gemma wasn't going to be left out. She managed to suck the wrapper off a lollipop and get to the candy too!
They both fell asleep as soon as we drove off to head back to Simi. The best part is the next morning Lily had ENTIRELY forgotten about her candy. She never asked for it once. We even left it in her bucket on the counter and she never asked for it. I am pretty sure that is not going to be the case ever again!

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