Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Balmy Palm Springs

So this post is about 2 months late, but hey, we have been busy. Better late than never!
We had a week to use up from our time share we traded and it was going to expire so we booked a week in Palm Springs the end of October. Alex and I took the girls for the weekend. We returned to LA for Halloween and then the girls and I headed back with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson for the rest of the week. We all had a great time and no one had been to Palm Springs before. 
It was warm but not too hot. Just perfect for exploring and playing by the fountains.
We took the cable car ride up to the top of the mountain. It was a really steep ride up and a little spooky. The cable car rotates so everyone gets a great view but it is a little hard to hold on.
Gemma was actually a little spooked on the ride up. So was her pops!!
Just don't look down yet guys!
Once at the top there are viewing spots and tons of hiking trails. We wandered about and took in all the views and sites. On a clear day you can see vegas. 
This one made the Christmas card.
We also spent a lot of time here. It hasn't gotten old yet. We were the youngest people at the far. I am not sure they see many kids. No one seemed to mind though, we had the pool to ourselves. Everyone else was baking in the sun.
When G&G returned with us we went to the Living Desert Zoo. It was awesome. All animals and plants that can be found in the deserts around the world.
We saw a show with some of the animals. Lily's favorite, hootsie!
The park was huge but we got to ride the tram all around. 
We went in the petting zoo. This goat was determined to be petted by grandma. She was sure he was going to eat her purse!
We had a camel ride. 
There was a kids learning center filled with all things they could explore and touch. There was also a huge outdoor play ground. We could have stayed here all day.
Grandpa took Lily on the carousel. She chose to ride on the hummingbird. 
We saw some great animals. I think the wolves were cool. They looked like huge German Shepherds. The last morning was my birthday so we had an awesome breakfast before heading back home to see Daddy! What a fun week we had. I am sure we will be back to explore some more. We didn't even hit the HUGE outlet mall. Wait until the girls are older and like to shop!

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