Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Picnic with the Sanders Family

We were so excited to have the Sanders Family come to California in November for a Pulmonary conference. It was the best lucky coincidence so we could spend some time together and finally get to meet Colbie. We just managed to meet her before her 1st birthday. Too bad it was only a couple of days but we will be sure to spend more time with this little charmer!
We had to spoil them with some great weather and a beach picnic! It was also the day we closed escrow on our house so Alex was home from work with us and we got to show them our new home when we got the keys.
Colbie was not a huge fan of sand up until this point. Lily was determined to show her how great it was.

Come on baby Colbie, you can do it. Watch!
See? It's great.
Hmmm....not sold. She did warm up to it and ended up playing until she almost literally fell asleep sitting up. Colbie is perhaps the most mellow, chill baby ever. Our little baby (and one of Colbies BFF's) was asleep at home with G&G England because she is not terribly mellow or chill without her naps.
We all spent their last night in town in Simi and the Peterson casa. It took about all of ten minutes for us to wreck their clean house. They were so excited to meet Colbie as well though. We miss you guys and come back to visit us in our new house!!! 

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  1. We miss you too, and had a great time!!! Don't worry, I'm trying to finagle a trip back in the near future!