Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town

Last weekend we ventured out to see Santa Claus. We had been building it up and sent him a letter in the mail. Now it was time to see him in person. Last year Lily had a last minute panic and would not sit on his lap. She seemed pretty excited to see him this time around. She had lots to tell him about her wish list. 

We decided to go to the grove outdoor shopping center in Beverly Hills and walk around and see Santa there. It wouldn't hurt to see a star or too while we were out. It was pretty busy but we got there early and got a number to come back and see Santa after lunch. It was a pretty good system so you don't have to stand in line all day.
 The girls were all decked out to see the big guy.  Gemma dressed as one of his little helpers. Adds to the "I am a girl" look as her hair is forever slow in growing in!
 We posed with Frosty as well. He is a funny guy I guess. Santa gave out snowman food this year. A bag of mini marshmallows.
It was a success!! Lily was quite happy to sit on his lap and immediately started spouting out her wish list. For two months it has been the same. A pink bicycle, a pink computer and two chairs. The week before Christmas she decided to "change her mind" and wanted a kitty park and zoo set. We explained that Santa's workshop was already closed and he was busy packing the sled with toys. She would have to add it to her birthday wish list. Nope. She told Santa a kitty park and a zoo. 

Gemma was pretty un-phased by it all. She sat there wondering what all the fuss was about. Only when the "elves" started acting goofy to try and get a smile out of her did she start to cry. Not bad considering it was about 2PM and no nap so far. 

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