Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We have a lot to be thankful for. All year long. We gave thanks with both sets of Grandparents and Aunt Carol this year. It was a nice relaxing evening. Of course, we did have to keep some of our yearly traditions too...the gingerbread house!
Lily's little turkey meets GopGop's big one. Lily gets so excited over every holiday and spends weeks in anticipation. She has already spied the Easter decorations in the garage and is begging to bring them out.
Grandma has the little people pilgrim set! Pretty cool!
There was great food and drinks for all.
Momma and her girls! Say cheese while eating cheese!
We managed to make it through dinner before busting out the gingerbread house. We learned our lesson in years past and put the structure of the house together a few days earlier. This way it was solid and could support the candy and icing. I mean, this thing needs a lot of candy to be authentic right?
So pretty much the grandparents did all the decorating, the kids did all the eating, and the parents did the dishes! We got the raw end of the deal here.
Lily survived all the frosting she inhaled, and Gemma survived all the choking hazard candy that Grandpa Peterson let her eat. It even turned out pretty cute. Lily loves to see it every day on our mantle.

As if we didn't have enough to do with unpacking and getting the house settled, it is the count down to Christmas now. With little ones you can't just skip the traditions. We spent the long weekend doing some decorating....and playing. Gemma is loving the ride on toys and our backyard.
Lily was a big help in hanging the lights. She held the ladder. We love that we only need a small step stool to hang lights at our house! Even the grinch (Alex) can't complain about that.

We waited another week and got our tree. We have not embraced the tradition of cutting down our own tree. Too lazy when you can get one at Costco! I told Alex to pick the biggest one he could find (they are all the same price and supposedly 6-7 feet). We ended up with a 8-9 foot tree! It is huge! 
Our little helpers are excited about the tree!
Lily loves it all. I have often caught her un decorating the tree so she can decorate it again.
One last ornament is not very cooperative!! The angel. 

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  1. The pictures of the tree where we got a sneak peek of the house were great! Can't wait to see more pics of all that glorious white trim :) Oh, and the angel on top, too funny! She totally looks like a cherub flying in the sky.