Sunday, January 22, 2012

Noon Years Eve 2012 style!

I am sure you all remember our noon years eve celebration of 2010!!  Well, it has been two years and one new addition to the group (Hi Gemma!) but the gangs all here. This time we had the celebration at our house. We did have balloons but no fancy balloon drop.
Look how big all these little one's have gotten!
A few Christmas presents for the kids.
It was time for NOON YEARS! Good thing we celebrated at noon because we were so tired after the party we didn't make it to midnight.
We have come a long way since Freshman year.  Jenn, Robbin, Me, and Meags. Poor Carsen was home sick with Jason.
We decided to try a group shot with the timer. Boy was that fun.
This one turned out pretty good! Little GG was napping so she missed out on the chaos.
 Although, I think the out takes are my favorite!
I love these girls! It is just too bad it is only about every two years we all get to be together. I have a feeling the next noon years will have some new additions to the group!! Two years ladies, better get moving, Gemma needs some little buddies!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Summer in January

I think this play house had a strict size limit. I am pretty sure we exceeded that. Poor Grampy had no idea what he was getting himself into when he had two grand daughters.
 He might still be in there, I better go check.
 Ahh the lazy days of summer, in January.
 We are gearing up for our vegetable garden this spring. We decided to try some seeds in these little "green houses." I have never had any luck with seeds so we will see if the old internet is right again. So far we have tri-color squash and french beans.
Quite possibly Gemma's favorite activity is bubbles. No I take that back, anything water takes precedence. For some odd reason I am not going to let her play with the splash table in January so bubbles will have to do.
 Taking advantage of the slide. Give them another year and I think the girls will out grow this too. Can they please just slow down on the growing up thing?
 Melt my heart. Who do you look like though? I am still going to vote Uncle Joel. Especially in this picture anyway.  Get more hair and we will vote again.
 Stylish outfit from your BFF. The hair is coming in faster these days though. It is wispy in the back and sparse on top. It looks ginger in the sunlight like your sisters did at this age too. You have moved past walking to running. We must run everywhere. You think you can jump because Lily has been hopping in one foot. You just bounce up and down and laugh yourself silly. Oh and your dance moves? Hands down the best booty shaking ever. I guess it is all the music we play all day but you have got a groove for a white girl.
 Grandma and Grampy are such troopers playing with their girls even though jet lagged. We are so happy they are back on this side of the pond again.
 Who is this grown girl anyway? I hardly know her!! She is possibly the cutest 3 1/2 year old preschooler. She is in love with her new preschool. She calls it "January preschool" because on the first day they talked about it being January now. I think forever she will call it the January preschool. She had such an easy transition and fit right in. She is only bitter she has to leave at 11:30 and the other kids get to eat lunch at school.
We are blessed with wonderful weather and happy healthy girls. What more could we ask for?